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Earl Vestal

"...No, we're going to send up
a test subject first.
An Air Force chimpanzee...."
Genre: Family/Drama/Fact Based

  2002   1:40   3,410 Kb.  
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Sheriff Joe Webster

"...It could get a whole lot worse! Can you imagine vigilantes tramping around here..."
Genre: Thriller/Suspense

  2001   1:13   2,487 Kb.  
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Sheriff George Mathers

"...Mr. Lauglin, I'm-I'm just so sick with grief, that I can barely hold my head up to talk to you..."
Genre: TV-Series/Drama

  2002   1:12   2,431 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

Professor Rudy Sullivan

"...find somebody you love, somebody who'll love you back, and then cling together..."
Genre: TV-Series/Drama

  2001   0:48   1,614 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

Sheriff Walter Moncrieff

"...By the power vested in me by the territorial authority of Wyoming, I now pronounce you man and wife..."
Genre: TV-Movie/Western

  2001   0:28   957 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

Gen. George Carville

"...Oh, and, uh...get yourself a cup of coffee, Commander. You look deader than a Texas armadillo..."
Genre: Video Game

  2000   0:44   1,499 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

Eli Pembry

"...Ted, I need food and coffee, ASAP! I need the blueprints of this store and I need 'em yesterday..."
Genre: Comedy

  2000   0:59   2,023 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

Robert Blister

"...Crack me a bottle of Dom Perignon, bring my little scuba gal back in here. I just hit the jackpot..."
Genre: Comedy

  1999   0:43   1,446 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

Ben Crowder

"...I don't care what you've trumped up, Walker. You ain't gonna get by with this..."
Genre: TV-Series/Action

  1999   1:08   2,296 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

Mr. Blake

"...And the day after that tomorrow, if I run into you and meet you for the first time once again...I want to admire you..."
Genre: TV-Movie/Romance

  1999   1:07   2,274 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

Carlton Powers

"...Sir, if anybody is hurt by your irresponsible behavior, I guarantee I'll prosecute you to hell and back..."
Genre: TV-Series/Sci-Fi/

  1999   0:39   1,337 Kb.  
    Year   Length   Size  

Percival Bertram

"...We have the most powerful nation on the face of the earth. And by the Lord God, WE'RE GOING HUNTING!..."
Genre: TV-Series/Drama

  1998   1:07   2,275 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

Peter Noland

"...his life ebbing out of him. Then he'll call for mama: "Mama...mama!" But mama ain't coming, is she?..."
Genre: TV-Series/Comedy

  1998   0:48   1,625 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

Chuck Fifer

"...She's not perfect but you people and your piddley crap, MY GOD! You do this every night?..."
Genre: TV-Series/Comedy

  1998   0:46   1,555 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  


Genre: TV-Series/Western

  1998   0:54   1,835 Kb.  
    Year   Length   Size  

Gen. Clyde Haynes

"...FEEL BAD? He isn't supposed to feel anything! He's a GODDAMN WEAPON! When's he going to start acting like one?..."
Genre: Sci-Fi/Action

  1996   0:50   1,714 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

Maurice Minnifield

"...Well, it won't be too long until they have you on display. People looking at you all day...Judging you...judging me..."
Genre: TV-Series/Comedy/ Drama

  1993   1:50   3,740 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

Maurice Minnifield

"...Some SCUM-SUCKING, CHICKEN-DUNG, SNEAK-THIEF, just made the worst mistake of his life!..."
Genre: TV-Series/Comedy/ Drama

  1991   1:06   2,261 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

Maurice Minnifield

"...We've got land, we've got wildlife. Just waiting to be fondled. And now,, we've got you..."
Genre: TV-Series/Comedy/ Drama

  1990   1:20   2,700 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

Roscoe Brown

"...I've been riding night and day trying to find him...I'm from Arkansas!..."
Genre: Mini-Series/Western

  1989   1:31   3,085 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

Malcolm Bryce

"...All I want to do is make you happy, sweetheart. Keep you with me, close and safe...forever..."
Genre: Horror/Mystery

  1988   1:15   2,533 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

Gen. Beringer

"...Conley, take us off full alert. Hold at DEFCON 4 till we find out exactly WHAT IN THE HELL'S HAPPENING HERE!..."
Genre: Sci-Fi/Adventure

  1983   0:59   2,052 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

Warden Walter Beatty

"...I DON'T CARE IF HE'S FROM TASMANIA! No inmate ever took Double-Aught to six level before! Your big rodeo star Graham...born with cow shit in his ears..."
Genre: Comedy

  1980   1:06   2,247 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

Uncle Bob

"...You know, Bud. Sometimes even a cowboy's got to swallow his pride and hold on to somebody he loves..."
Genre: Drama

  1980   0:42   1,412 Kb.  




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