Date And Place Of Birth: October 16, 1940, in Lamesa, Texas.

Occupation: Actor.

Favorite Music: Country: Ian Tyson, Rusty Richards, Red Steagall, etc.

Favorite Movies: High Noon, Red River, Lawrence of Arabia, The Searchers.

Favorite Books: Lonesome Dove, Monte Walsh, Tom Sawyer, Letters From The Earth.

Worst Job I've Ever Had: Loading laundry trucks in New Haven, Conn., in February. The second worst was shoveling lead in a print shop in Chicago.

Favorite Stage Role: That's like asking which one is your favorite child. I love 'em all.

Favorite Role in TV or Movies: I can be a little more selective here. It's probably more the experience of doing it than the role itself, but my part in "Urban Cowboy" (as John Travolta's uncle) still is one of my favorites. It was good for exposure, but I also really liked that character. I enjoyed doing "The Thorn Birds," although I didn't care for the final product. I also enjoyed doing "Lonesome Dove," and that one turned out better than anyone ever expected.

Role I Am Best Remembered For: Right now it's probably Maurice in "Northern Exposure." But a television role seeps into the fabric of the culture and then goes away. So I'd say I'm better remembered for playing Roscoe in "Lonesome Dove" or the General in "WarGames."  People still remember my line in "WarGames" about urinating on a spark plug; I made it up on the spot, just ad-libbed it. That line still makes people laugh.

My Heroes Are: Sam Houston, Will Rogers, Winston Churchill.

My Ideal Vacation: Horsebacking through the West with a good friend or two.

My Last Meal Would Be: A bowl of red beans and a chicken-fried steak, or an intravenous shot of cholesterol.

Five People, Living Or Dead, I'd Like to Have For Dinner And What I'd Serve Them: Well, what I'd serve them sounds horrible, but it's really tasty: I had it in North Carolina. I was making a movie there and they served me "shrimp and grits," and it was so good that I had it more than once. you just cook up some grits and put some shrimp over it and then toss in some bacon and scallions. I'd also serve some really salty garlic bread and some southern sweetened iced tea.
Most of the people I'd invite already are dead, so we wouldn't have to worry about cholesterol. We'd have ice cream sundaes for dessert. And I'd have a fully stocked, open bar, because the guys I'm inviting would appreciate that.
If I can only invite five I'd invite Mark Twain, Will Rogers, W.C. Fields, Buffalo Bill Cody and William Shakespeare. And I think we all could have a good ol' time and probably put a pretty big dent in the bar.

My Trademark Cliché Or Expression: A determined absence of cliché.

My Worst Habit Is: Calm in the face of disaster.

My Best Asset Is: Calm in the face of disaster.

Behind My Back, People Say:
"Is he really a jerk?".

My Happiest Days:
May 26, 1979; Sept 22, 1982; June 21, 1991.

Favorite Time Of Day: Early morning.

The Actress I Have A Crush On: None. I've seen 'em without their makeup.

              I'm Happiest When: I'm cutting cattle.

If I Could Change One Thing About Myself, It Would Be: I'd listen more and talk less.

I Regret: Not living each moment as it occurs.

Nobody Knows I: Am shy.

My Epitaph Should Read: "He did the best he could."





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