Uniquely Texas features two distinct segments. The first segment, titled Uniquely Texas: A Lone Star Look at Cultural and Heritage Tourism, introduces viewers to the many opportunities available and inspires Texans to get involved in promoting their cultural and heritage tourism destinations. The second segment of the video, Uniquely Texas: A Five Point Plan, provides a formula for success in creating and promoting cultural tourism sites. Together the two segments provide a through view of
cultural and heritage tourism.

Host and Narrator. Barry is the host and narrator of this promotional video about tourism in Texas. With his Texas accent and deep voice, Barry invites you to visit the main attractions of the Lone Star State, giving you some historical background of the most important Texas sites, and talks about the different cultures established by its pioneering people.




Release Date
  • 2000.
  • Documentary. Promotional.
Directed By
  • Terry McCullough.

Executive Producers

  • Debbie Krumme.

Produced By

  • Natalie Cox.


  • Terry McCullough Productions, Inc.
  • Texas Association of Museums.
  • Texas Commission on the Arts.
  • Texas Historical Commission.
  • Texas Travel Industry Association.


Main Cast

  • Barry Corbin Hosts & Narrates.

Filming Locations

  • Dallas, TX.

Running Time

  • 27 Minutes.


  • Not Rated.





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