The Soviets are back—this time on American soil. And their mysterious mind-control technology is turning Americans into mindless automatons faster than a season of back-to-back Jerry Springer. Take up arms for the Red, White and Blue—or just the Red. 
Whatever your allegiance, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 2 pushes the frontier of RTS gaming.

General George Carville. Sure, he's a cheery salt-of-the-earth type in peacetime, but with the Soviets romping on America's doorstep, he's as mad as a bull with a burr in his ass. The colorful Texan is the U.S. Military's highest ranking officer, and he's earned it: his battlefield experience and wisdom are garnered from a life on the front lines. But
even in the blood and blaze of war, General Carville still manages to keep his Texas-sized brand of humor.


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GEN. CARVILLE: I hope you're rested and ready, Commander. Because as of 0800 hours you are in control of every satellite, base, tank, airplane, enlisted man, woman and child, in the eastern United States. You answer to the President, and you answer to me. Your ops officer and vital life line will be the lieutenant. Your point man for this mission will be Special Agent Tania.

GEN. CARVILLE: Ha, ha, ha! She's the best there is! But you'll get along better with the Soviets. You'll get started immediately. First stop: New York. The lieutenant will give you the details.

GEN. CARVILLE: (On the phone) Mr. President, the Europeans will be asking for our help before too long. Yes, sir. I'll take care of it. <Pause, hangs up> It just ain't right! We shouldn't have to beg for help from anyone. Premier Romanov's got that whole continent shaking in their boots.

GEN. CARVILLE: Romanov's sending his bulldog, General Vladimir in for our airbases. His forces are romping through the country like an angry bull at a Texas rodeo. At 0500 this morning, we detected a large force of Soviet tanks assembled near the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

GEN. CARVILLE: Why the devil did you wait till now to contact us? We can't let Vladimir take that airbase.

TANIA: Sir, we've been a little busy.
GEN. CARVILLE: Commander, get Tania out of the hole she'd dug for herself and make her useful, would you? I'm sure she'll appreciate it.
GEN. CARVILLE: We seem to have lost Tania's transmission. Go to it, Commander.

GEN. CARVILLE: Commander! Ha, ha, ha, ha! Your performance in Colorado was pretty darn impressive. But things have changed since you've been away fighting. The war is over! What I've come to realize is that the commies and us want the same things.
LT. EVE: I don't think we need to hear any more of that.

GEN. CARVILLE: I don't know what the Sam Hill happened back there, Commander! But as you can see we're getting sent right here. I know, Canada...more cows up here than people. Well, let's get to work. The lieutenant will fill you in.

GEN. CARVILLE: I got to hand it to you, kid. I've never seen Tania stick her neck out for anybody. She's on an assignment back home but she did ask me to convey any regards that she could, uh...muster...oh, and uh, at any rate, you must have really impressed those Germans too. In appreciation, their Chancellor has put us in touch with their leading citizen. Doctor Einstein, are you still there?

GEN. CARVILLE: Thanks, Doc. Commander, the reds have established a forward base near D.C. with the ability to deploy Tesla coils. Now, they're pretty well entrenched, but I think if we can take the Capital back we can turn the tide. I'm tired of hanging out in Canada. GET ME MY OFFICE BACK!

GEN. CARVILLE: Good morning Commander, I've got good news and bad news. The good news is, it's, uh...great to be home again. The bad news is our U-2's picked up a fleet of Soviet ships entering the South Pacific. It appears that General Vladimir is headed for the Pacific Command centered in Pearl Harbor. As if they could mount a successful attack against us...ha, ha, ha! I want you to prepare a genuine "aloha" for that little bulldog Vladimir. Oh, and, uh...get yourself a cup of coffee, Commander. You look deader than a Texas armadillo.

GEN. CARVILLE: The Heart Of Missouri is now the beating breast of all our ground control operations for the country. We'd be in sorry shape without her. The problem is that Yuri and his psychic corp have dropped another psychic beacon in the town.

GEN. CARVILLE: No rest for the wicked, Commander, we're both being shipped to Germany. I'm going to Berlin, where we're planning our final thrust. Romanov is no fool he's hittin' us pretty hard over there. His main target is Einstein's black forest lab. I want you to hook up with the locals. Keep him the Sam Hill away from that lab, Einstein is our ace in the hole. We can't afford to lose him. Auf Wiedersehen! (explosion)



Release Date
  • USA: Wednesday, October 25, 2000.
  • Worldwide: Saturday, October 28, 2000.
  • Video Game. Action. Strategy.
Directed By
  • Joseph D. Kucan.

Executive Producers

  • Not Available.

Produced By

  • Harvard Bonnin.


Main Cast

  • Barry Corbin as General George Carville.

  • Ray Wise as President Dugan.

  • Kari Wuhrer as Agent Tanya.

  • Udo Kier as Yuri.

  • Athena Massey as Lt. Eva.

  • Aleksandra Kaniak as Lt. Sophia.

Filming Locations

  • Westwood Studios, Las Vegas, Nevada.

ESRB Rating

  • TEEN.
    Animated Violence, Use Of Tobacco and Alcohol.


  • Westwood Studios, Inc.
  • Electronic Arts, Inc.
  • Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc.




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