In this thriller, city slickers chuck their careers, pull up stakes and take up residence at a peaceful lakeside community to escape the urban rat race. Unfortunately, they soon discover that things are not as peaceful as they seem when the husband finds a mutilated corpse floating in the lake.



Malcolm Bryce. Barry plays a vicious serial killer who keeps the mummified corpse of his wife in a coffin down in the basement, along with the bodies of his other victims. No one suspects him as the killer because he gives people the impression of being a very affable man. Later, he forces his teenage son to help him kill the new neighbors at the house by the lake.

Barry on Malcolm Bryce: "That guy was crazy...chasing people with tomahawks. But he was nice in the beginning. I think his wife drove him mad."

"I get asked if I've ever played myself in movies. I think we actors always play ourselves, I mean, variations of ourselves. There's part of me in every character I've played, even if it was a psycho guy who chased people with tomahawks."


MALCOLM: I hope you folks are hungry. Yeah, nothing like a good scare to perk up the appetite, huh?

MALCOLM: Evening, folks. How is she doing this evening? Oh...feeling poorly tonight, Martha? Oh, sweetheart, you know I come as often as I can! I--I'm doing my best! No, I'm not... getting soft on Rachel! No...hell...I'm doing my best to get them out of here! Do you--you think I like them running around up there? We never had this problem with the Jacksons. They were only here a month or two in the summer at the most -- uh?...I know it's lonesome here! got the Fosters to keep you company...Now -- now you're talking crazy, sweetheart! Didn't I bring you that teacher?...A nice gal...brunette...ha, ha, ha!...You said I was getting too chummy with her, so...I had to dump her in the -- NO, NO, sweetheart, don't cry! Look, it--it's hard for me, too, you -- Hey! How would you like a nice little son and daughter...a matching pair! Oh, they're real sweet kids. Well, you think about it. Let me know. All I want to do is make you happy, sweetheart, keep you with me, close and safe, forever...

MALCOLM: Your nice Ms. Yoman's looking for trouble. You like that Ms. Yoman, don't ya?
JOHN: She's all right.
MALCOLM: She reminds you of somebody, doesn't she? The way she holds her head up to the wind. Who does she remind you of, Johnny?
JOHN: I don't know.
MALCOLM: The way she can smile...AND LIE AT THE SAME TIME! (Mimicking Rachel) "I felt faint."
JOHN: Maybe she was telling the truth--

MALCOLM: It's not my fault she won't CHAT WITH YA! IT'S GUILT, BOY! She recalls that night --
MALCOLM: SHE RECALLS THAT NIGHT SHE TRIED TO ABANDON YOU! You remember that night, Johnny? You remember when Martha made that little mistake? You watched her tiptoe out of the door with moonlight in her hair..."PA, PA!" You cried, "COME QUICK, MOM IS RUNNING AWAY! Didn't I stop her for you?
JOHN: (Sobbing) Yes, sir.
MALCOLM: You were right there --
JOHN: I remember, sir.
MALCOLM: And you helped me carry her back. "Oh, come on, take her feet, son." And you -- How old were you, Johnny?
JOHN: Eight...eight years old, sir.
MALCOLM: Eight years old...ha, ha, ha...And you helped me, didn't you, Johnny?
JOHN: Yes, sir. I helped.
MALCOLM: Held those little red shoes tight to your chest!

MALCOLM: It was all for you, Johnny! I did it for you!
JOHN: I know that, sir. I know.
MALCOLM: Whose blood runs stronger in your veins, son? Mine? Or poor little Martha's?
JOHN: Yours -- I belong to you, sir.
MALCOLM: How are you going to prove that, Johnny? Look at me, son! Who's going to carry on for me...after I pass away?
JOHN: I will.
MALCOLM: Keep the home fires burning. 
JOHN: Uh, huh.
MALCOLM: All by you lonesome?
JOHN: I can do it.
MALCOLM: No time like the present. Is there?
JOHN: Myself?
MALCOLM: All by you lonesome.
JOHN: Kill Rachel?
MALCOLM: Got to kill her. All by his lonesome...all by his lonesome...all by his lonesome. All by his lonesome...ha, ha, ha!

MALCOLM: Have a nice walk?
JOHN: I tried!
MALCOLM: Not hard enough.
JOHN: She--she kept--
MALCOLM: Wrapping you 'round her little finger?
JOHN: Yeah! It was her -- it was her fault.
MALCOLM: She kept looking at you with woman's eyes, huh?
JOHN: Uh-huh...and holding on to me.
MALCOLM: Rocked you in her arms, did she?
JOHN: Yeah...she -- she tricked me.
MALCOLM: I think you liked it.
MALCOLM: Yup. You was easy on her.
MALCOLM: Then why I don't smell HER BLOOD ON YOU?
JOHN: I don't know.
MALCOLM: WHAT I failure. Yeah, I raised myself a son that doesn't have the guts to kill himself one...ONE! ITTY-BITTY WOMAN...all by himself.

MALCOLM: This is the greatest gift you'll ever give your mother.

MALCOLM: Want every damn one of 'em! Killing my Martha...cold-blooded murder! They'll pay! They'll pay dearly! You take the trail. I'm going down by the lake.

MALCOLM: I thought I might find you down here. Waiting for Martha, are you? Well, she'll be late tonight. Ha, ha, ha. Is this your place? Out here in the woods? Is this where you made ALL YOUR PLANS?

MALCOLM: (Imitates man's voice) "Pack light, dearest, just throw a few things in your tapestry bag. We wouldn't want to make Malcolm suspicious."
(Imitates Martha) "But, what about my boy?"
(Imitates man's voice) "We'll come back for him when everything's settled."
(Imitates Martha) "Oh, I'm so happy now...I'll wear my red satin shoes and the dress you like, and I'll never come back here. Ever."
You stole my wife! She didn't belong to you! You broke up my happy home! Now you're going to have to pay the toll!



Release Date
  • Monday October 3, 1988
  • Made for TV / Mystery / Suspense / Horror
Directed By
  • Arthur Allan Seildelman

Executive Producers

  • Bill McCutchen

Produced By

  • Richard L. O'Connor


  • Columbia Pictures Television


Main Cast

  • Valerie Harper as Rachel Yoman

  • Gerald McRaney as Chuck Yoman

  • Barry Corbin as Malcolm Bryce

  • Tammy Lauren as Lisa Yoman

  • Daryl Anderson as Henry Link

Filming Locations

  • Not Available

MPAA Rating

  • PG

Running Time

  • 1 Hour 36 Minutes




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