On his way up the corporate ladder, David Basner confronts his greatest challenge: his father.

Tom Hanks joins veteran talents Jackie Gleason and Eva Marie Saint in this comedic tale of an ambitious young man affected in unexpected ways by his parents' separation.

Life is great for David Basner (Hanks). He has a good job, the money's rolling in, and he has his pick of women. Suddenly, everything changes when his parents split up after thirty-four years of marriage. From playing nursemaid to his father (Gleason) to being his mother's (Saint) best friend and confidant, David tries to be everything to both of them. He had no idea being a parent could be so difficult!

One of 1986's top box office hits, Nothing In Common is a heart warming, poignant comedy that is vastly entertaining.


Andrew Woolridge. Barry plays a very demanding, wealthy entrepreneur, owner of Colonial Airlines, who hires David Basner (Tom Hanks) to do the publicity for his airline.

A golf player and duck hunter, Woolridge loves the publicity campaign Basner and his team have developed, and also approves of the relationship with his daughter Cheryl Ann (Sela Ward). What he does not approve is Basner leaving the project to be by the side of his ill father (Jackie Gleason), so he fires him.

Barry's commentary: "He's (Woolridge) an interesting character. He's been rich so long that he feels that he can do anything he wants and get away with it. Nobody has ever said no to him until he meets David Basner."

Barry's commentary at the screening of this movie in the First Fort Worth Film Festival (Oct. 25th, 1998):
"They had to dye my hair gray - when I had hair - to make me look old enough to be Sela Ward's father."


BASNER: Mr. Woolridge. David Basner. I really appreciate you seeing me for dinner like this. I understand they serve a notorious lobster bisque.
WOOLRIDGE: No dinner.
BASNER: I'm sorry. No dinner?
WOOLRIDGE: Did I stutter? I said "No dinner." I eat alone. We're having drinks.
BASNER: I see. I'll have a wine spritzer, please.
WOOLRIDGE: I said we're having drinks.

WOOLRIDGE: You know, sometimes I eat my whole meal just using my salad fork.
BASNER: Really? I'm sorry I'm going to miss that.

BASNER: Hello, David Basner.
WOOLRIDGE: Hi, Basner. Andrew Woolridge. I want you to meet me tomorrow--
BASNER: What? Listen, we must have a bad connection. Could you speak a little louder, please?
WOOLRIDGE: Sure. (Speaking louder) Andrew Woolridge here. I'd like you to meet me tomorrow at the--
BASNER: Wait, wait! Please, speak into the phone. I told you, I can't hear you.
WOOLRIDGE: I'm speaking into the damn phone. (Yelling) THIS IS ANDREW WOOLRIDGE--
BASNER: OK, OK! Stop shouting. It's not really me. You've got my machine, and all the shouting in the world isn't going to bring the beep any sooner. So, wait for the beep, relax, and thanks for calling. (Beep)
WOOLRIDGE: You've got a strange sense of humor, Basner. I like to play golf. I've arranged for us to play tomorrow at the Wakacut Country Club. Be there.

BASNER: You know, to be honest with you, this is the first time I've ever played golf in my life. I'm just out here because I want to work for Colonial Airlines.
WOOLRIDGE: I guess a lot of people would tell you that kind of honesty is admirable, but I won't.

WOOLRIDGE: Where the heck are the ducks?

WOOLRIDGE: This is how you blow it.

WOOLRIDGE: My daughter speaks very highly of you.
BASNER: She does, huh?
WOOLRIDGE: She says you're a great lay.
BASNER: (Gunshot) She-she said that?
WOOLRIDGE: Yeah, my baby tells me everything.
BASNER: That's quite some conversation for a daughter to have with her father.
WOOLRIDGE: She's a very modern woman. I raised her to be a corporate executive. I raised her to be a man.
BASNER: So did my father, but I don't tell him anything.
WOOLRIDGE: I don't want to hear your life story. Why don't you shoot a few more fish?

WOOLRIDGE: Do you know anything about horses?
BASNER: A little, but my father has a passion for horses.
WOOLRIDGE: Oh, breeding?
BASNER: Betting.

WOOLRIDGE: This man has a campaign to do. I believe this campaign is going to knock them right on their duff.

WOOLRIDGE: Are you saying you're not going to go to New York?
BASNER: For the fourth time I'm saying I'm not going to New York.
WOOLRIDGE: Look, I'm serious now. I've had enough of this. If you want this account, you'll get up off your ASS, get packed...I-I'm counting now: one...two...three...
BASNER: Jesus Christ!
WOOLRIDGE: ...four...five...
BASNER: He really is. He's counting.
WOOLRIDGE: ...six...seven...
BASNER: This is the 20th century, Mr. Woolridge. I'm not some shit kicker from off of your farm--
WOOLRIDGE: ...eight...nine...
BASNER: TEN!!! Look! I've done the job, all right! Take my stuff and do whatever you want with it. But for the fifth time now, I'm not going anywhere with anybody! AND DON'T YOU EVER FUCKING TOUCH ME AGAIN!
WOOLRIDGE: (To Cheryl) Fire him. 



Release Date
  • July 1986.
  • Comedy / Drama.
Directed By
  • Garry Marshall.

Executive Producers

  • Roger M. Rothstein.

Produced By

  • Alexandra Rose.


  • TriStar Pictures.
  • Rastar Productions.

Running Time

  • 1 Hour 58 Minutes.



Main Cast

  • Tom Hanks as David Basner.

  • Jackie Gleason as Max Basner.

  • Eva Marie Saint as Lorraine Basner.

  • Hector Elizondo as Charlie Gargas.

  • Barry Corbin as Andrew Woolridge.

  • Bess Armstrong as Donna Mildred Martin.

  • Sela Ward as Cheryl Ann Wayne.

Filming Locations

  • Chicago, Illinois.

  • Hollywood, California.

MPAA Rating

  • PG.

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