No One Can Save You If...
No One Can Hear You

Trish Burchall (Kelly McGillis) is a newswoman who begins to investigate a series of brutal murders in her town. As young women and their families are being slaughtered, she begins to uncover a serial killer whose twisted version of love brings the deadliest of intentions.

The sheriff (Barry Corbin) wants her to keep things quiet while he tries to crack the case, but what she discovers will put her and her daughters next on the killer's list.


Joe Webster. Joe Webster, Sheriff of Riverhead, is investigating a series of brutal murders but becomes confused by the killer's methods. Webster confides in Trish (Kelly McGillis), a radio newscaster and mother of Lisa, a friend to some of the deceased. Webster talks about the bizarre killings but wants Trish to keep quiet about it for fear of vigilantes taking justice into their own hands and making things even more difficult.

Barry's expressions in this movie lead the audience to believe Webster knows the killer's identity and is covering for him. When asked if this was in the script, Barry said no. His impromptu improvisation talents added even more suspense to the plot. In a funny side note, Barry's character is heard saying "Why am I surrounded by half-witted cowboys?"


WEBSTER : Trish, you don't want to go in there.
TRISH : What's going on, Joe?
WEBSTER : Do you know this family?
TRISH : Yeah, Rachel Watson is a friend of Lisa's. I don't know the family all that well, but --
WEBSTER : They're dead.
TRISH : Dead? All of them?
WEBSTER : Daddy, Momma...both kids.
TRISH : Rachel?
WEBSTER : I've never seen anything like this, Trish.
TRISH : We were just here. Lisa came by to see Rachel.
TRISH : This morning before school. Their car was gone. Nobody was home.
WEBSTER : They were home all right. Did you see anything? Did you, uh -- did you see anybody around here? (Sigh) Come in. Watch your step there.

WEBSTER : Look, Trish, we've got to keep a lid on this thing. If this gets out, it's going to cause more than a ripple in our little pond here.
TRISH : The word's already out. The people have the right to know.
WEBSTER : Until we learn the truth of what went on in there, the people are better off not knowing. I'll talk to you, Trish, because I can trust you to keep this off the record.
TRISH : So, what have you got?
WEBSTER : (Sigh) Well, when I first looked in there, I thought maybe, murder-suicide. Keep it nice and neat, and all in the family. But it couldn't be that unless the killer figured out a way to cut off his own head. I don't know. The way they were all herded together before -- (cell phone ringing).

WEBSTER : Well, that's something.
TRISH : What?
WEBSTER : Apparently they had a cousin staying with them. Gave them all the creeps, backpacker. Cousin Hal's not in there. The car's missing. Looks like we have a suspect.
TRISH : Wasn't there something that happened like this several years ago -- a family -- you said "herded together," right?
WEBSTER : No, I'd remember something like that.
TRISH : Not here maybe, but somewhere...
WEBSTER : Look, Trish, would--would you do me a favor? On the news, would you say that, uh, it's too early for a statement or we're waiting for forensic tests to come back? Something like that? You know what to say. I just need to buy a little time.
TRISH : I'll see what I can do for you.
WEBSTER : Thanks.

WEBSTER : Henley!
REPORTER : Hey, Trish, what's happening? Come on, what did Webster tell you?
WEBSTER : HENLEY, WAKE UP! I want you to find out everything you can about Hal Watson.
HENLEY : You reckon he did it, chief?
WEBSTER : How in the hell would I know? I'm not a damn psychic.
HENLEY : You could be anyone in this town, chief. Did you ever think about that?
WEBSTER : (Sigh) Constantly.
HENLEY : Killer could be watching us right now. Out in the crowd...visible...incognito.
WEBSTER : Just do it. Hal Watson.
HENLEY : Sure, chief. I'm onto it.
WEBSTER : (Sigh) Why am I surrounded by half-witted cowboys?

DEPUTY : Chief -- chief. I found this in the girl's room. It could be something.
WEBSTER : "True love never lies. True love never dies. Ever closer in the night. Precious flame burning bright"...Yeah, it's something. It's homework! (sigh).

TRISH : You think it could be Dirk Metcalf? I mean, he's a wild kid, but Joe, why would he do something like this?
WEBSTER : Oh, I don't know. Kids nowadays don't need a reason for anything. At least not a reason we understand.
TRISH : I'm really worried, Joe. Lisa's too close.
WEBSTER : You're not the only one talking like that. I can feel the panic spreading. People are looking sideways at people they don't know -- even people they do know. If we don't put a cap on this thing and soon, this town could fall apart. Look, Trish, you've got a lot of respect in this town, people trust you. If you go on the air and ask for calm they'll listen to you.
TRISH : What is there to be calm about? What would you like me to tell them?
WEBSTER : Just t--tell them we're doing all we can, that we've got the situation under control.
TRISH : You want me to lie? The situation is far from under control.
WEBSTER : It could get a whole lot worse! Can you imagine vigilantes tramping around here. Edgy parents taking pot-shots at anything that moves? That is out of control, Trish!
TRISH : I'm sorry, Joe. All I want to do is take my girls home and lock the door right now. You can't possible expect me to leave them alone at a time like this.
WEBSTER : Trish, they're not gonna be alone. I'm gonna send a deputy out there to watch them. All I'm asking is one news item, then you can go home. Please, Trish. The town needs this. I need it.

SILVIA (On radio) : Sheriff Webster, come in, please.
WEBSTER : Yeah, talk to me, Silvia.
SILVIA : Chief, I'm concerned about Henley. He's not responding.
WEBSTER : That's not unusual. Where is he?
SILVIA : He's out at the Burchall house, like you asked.
WEBSTER : Burchall house? You mean, you sent Henley out there to look after those girls?
SILVIA : Chief, he was the only officer available.
WEBSTER : Get everybody you can find and send them to the Burchall house. Right now, you hear me? RIGHT NOW!



Release Date
  • Theaters: Wednesday, December 12, 2001.
    (New Zealand).
  • DVD: Tuesday, February 26, 2002.
  • Thriller / Mystery.
Directed By
  • John Laing.

Executive Producers

  • Damien Parer.
  • Helen Mullarkey.

Produced By

  • Grant Bradley.
  • Richard Stewart.


  • Mainline Releasing.
  • Film Knights.
  • Thriller Films Limited.


Main Cast

  • Kelly McGillis as Trish Burchall.

  • Barry Corbin as Sheriff Joe Webster.

  • Kate Elliott as Lisa Burchall.

  • Tom Huntington as Ben Kelly.

  • Kieren Hutchison as Robert Player.

  • Emily Barclay as Amy Burchall.

  • Daniel Gillies as Dirk Metcalf.

  • Craig Parker as Henley.

Filming Locations

  • Auckland, New Zealand.

MPAA Rating

  • R.

Running Time

  • 1 Hour 39 Minutes.

DVD Special Features

  • Trailer.
  • Scene Selections.
  • Spanish Subtitles.
  • Interactive Menus.
  • Full Screen Presentation.




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