A Los Angeles playboy, renowned for his fast and loose love life, runs head-on into a mid-life crisis in this uproarious Blake Edwards comedy starring Burt Reynolds and Julie Andrews.

David Fowler (Reynolds) has two passions, sculpting and women, and he's been quite successful in both departments until now.

David finds that this insatiable hunger for women begins to render him socially, artistically and, finally, sexually impotent. His desperate inner struggle drives him to the couch of and attractive psychiatrist, Marianna (Andrews), to whom David reveals everything from his first sexual encounter to his currently disturbing - and often hilarious - romantic adventures. But can Marianna help David control his roving eye before it's too late?


Roy Garth is a colorful, if crass, rich Texas oilman who refers to a toilet as "the pisser", eats chicken-fried steaks with Dom Perignon, bets and wins at the Hippodrome, throws big cook-outs, loves to watch wrestling on TV, and the first thing he puts on after taking a shower is his cowboy hat!

Roy introduces his beautiful wife Louise (Kim Basinger) to Los Angeles playboy and sculptor David Fowler (Burt Reynolds). Roy begins to suspect Louise has started an affair with Fowler, but can't prove it. Later, Fowler reveals to his psychiatrist (Julie Andrews) how the affair ended.

A very amusing role for Barry in this Blake Edwards film portraying an uneducated oilman who struck it rich. We even see Barry singing "Mr. Froggy Went a-Courtin'" (probably adlibbed) in the shower while his wife is helping her lover escape their penthouse.


ROY : Mr. Fowler, I'd like to congratulate you on a fine piece of work. Now, that kind of reminds me of my wife. I don't completely understand it, but it sure is effective (laughing). Lulu! Come here, honey!
LOUISE : Excuse me, ladies.
ROY : I want you to meet Mr. Fowler. Mr. Fowler, my wife, Louise.
LOUISE : Hello, Mr. Fowler. How are you?
FOWLER : Good.
LOUISE : Good to see you.
ROY : It was Lulu's idea to give you this commission.
LOUISE : Well, I have admired your work ever since I saw your show at the L.A. County Museum, 1968. See, I know!
ROY : That was a good one too. Excuse me, Mr. Fowler. I gotta go around here and shake some hands and kiss a few behinds. Lulu, give Mr. Fowler a grand tour. Would you, please?
LOUISE : I would love to.
ROY : I'll see you later this afternoon.

ROY : Yeah, we've drillin' for some, uh, for some gas out on a section of the ranch out there. Geologist's report looked real good. I don't know what's he gonna do. Well, we'll see.

ROY : Hey! You wanna see something really pretty?
FOWLER : Oh, yes.
ROY : Have you been inside the bathroom?
ROY : Come here. I wanna show you something. I had a French architect do this bathroom over for me.
FOWLER : Oh, well, that's a beautiful chagall.
ROY : Isn't that pretty?
FOWLER : Oh, yes. That's pretty.
ROY : Now, what I wanna show you here, is the pisser.
FOWLER : No, The Pizarro.
ROY : No, no, no. That's The Pizarro over there. I want to show you the pisser. This thing's got a geyser in it.
FOWLER : Geyser?
ROY : Yeah, you know, uh, one -- uh, h-honey, what do you call that thing, that geyser in the toilet?
LOUISE : The bidet.
ROY : Yeah, that's right. The "booday". Now, Lulu's got one in her toilet in there. I thought mine was a drinking fountain 'till I sat down on it. I'll tell you, it'll -- it'll get your heart started in the morning!

ROY : Feeling all right, Mr. Fowler?
FOWLER : No, no. I'm feeling-- (clears throat).
ROY : Uh, Mr. Fowler? You're the artist here. You know more about these things than I do. But I'd rather look at this bathroom than look out that window anytime.
LOUISE : Honey, don't you think we'd better get on the ribs?
ROY : Yeah, I guess we'd better get that barbecue going. Come on, Mr. Fowler. Are you feeling all right?
FOWLER : Oh, yeah. I'm feeling fine.
ROY : Are you sure? Hey, you wanna watch your step there. You know, you look a little puffed up.
FOWLER : Puffed up. Oh.
ROY : Oh. Honey, honey! Wait-wait a minute. Turn around. You got something in your hair. All right, dear. I got it. Just a little piece of fuzz.

LOUISE : What are you doing here?
ROY : What are you doin' here?
LOUISE : I'm just here. I'm cleanin'. Uh, in the closet. (Growling) What's that?
ROY : Oh, well, uh, I didn't know you's gonna be here. I--I brought you a little present. Nice little doggy. Thought we'd name her Simba. She's so tiny, she can break wind, you can't hardly smell nothing. There you go, Simba. Go on. Go to Mamma, Simba.

LOUISE : Darlin', I just love this little doggy. Why don't we take her out to the ranch right now? What do you say?
ROY : Oh, honey, that's 60 miles. It'd take us half an hour to get out there. Besides, that 'ol boogey bear would have her for breakfast. I'll tell you what. I'll call up 'ol Bull Ray and have him order us up some chicken-fried steaks and a couple of bottles of Dom Perignon and we'll watch the wrestlin' matches on TV.
LOUISE : Baby, w-why don't you take a shower?
ROY : How come? I took one this mornin'. Do I stink?
LOUISE : Pumpkin...pumpkin?
ROY : Oh.
LOUISE : You know what for.
ROY : Oh! (laughing) All right! I'll go take a shower and I'll put on some of that English Leather that you like so much, okay?
LOUISE : Twice as nice!
ROY : All right!
LOUISE : Here's Simba. She'll keep you company.
ROY : Come here, Simba. Come here, honey (kissing sounds). Oh, honey? I forgot to tell you. We hit gas.
LOUISE : Oh, we did?
ROY : You must have a piece of liver in there! (Laughing) Well, I'm gonna take my shower right now. Get squeaky clean. And I'll be right back out, rarin' to go. (Singing) "Oh, Mr. Froggy went a-Courtin' and he did ride, uh-huh. Froggy went a-Courtin' and he did ride, uh-huh. Froggy went a-Courtin' and he did ride, a sword and a pistol by his side, uh-huh. Uh-huh, uh-huh, uh-huh..."

ROY : (Singing) "Piece of old corn bread sittin' on the shelf. If you want any more you can sing it yourself, uh-huh."

ROY : Honey bun?... What you got there?
LOUISE : Well, that little dog. Just got me so excited that...We gonna do something different tonight (cracking sound).



Release Date
  • 1983.
  • Comedy/Drama.
Directed By
  • Blake Edwards.

Executive Producers

  • Jonathan D. Krane.

Produced By

  • Blake Edwards.
  • Tony Adams.


  • Columbia Pictures Corporation.

Running Time

  • 1 Hour 58 Minutes.


Main Cast

  • Burt Reynolds as David Fowler.

  • Julie Andrews as Marianna.

  • Kim Basinger as Louise Garth.

  • Marilu Henner as Agnes.

  • Cynthia Sykes as Courtney.

  • Jennifer Edwards as Nancy.

  • Barry Corbin as Roy Garth.

  • Sela Ward as Janet.

  • Ellen Bauer as Svetlana.

  • Denise Crosby as Enid.

  • Tracy Vaccaro as Legs.

Filming Locations

  • Harris County, Texas.

  • Houston, Texas.

  • Los Angeles, California.

MPAA Rating

  • R.

DVD Special Features

  • Digitally mastered Audio and Anamorphic Video.
  • Widescreen and Full Screen Presentations.
  • Languages: English (mono), French (mono).
  • Subtitles: English, French.
  • Interactive Menus.
  • Scene Selections.




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