May Be The Best Western Ever Made

Hailed as a masterpiece by critics and audiences alike, Lonesome Dove brings to life all the magnificent drama and romance of the West.
Winner of seven Emmy Awards, and one of the highest rated miniseries in television history, this exciting re-creation of Larry McMurtry's Pulitzer Prize-winning novel captured the American pioneer spirit with its sweeping story and inspired performances.
Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones and Angelica Houston star in the tale of two former Texas Rangers who leave the South Texas town of Lonesome Dove on an epic 2500-mile cattle drive to the lush ranch country of Montana.
Already a collectible classic, Lonesome Dove is an authentic piece of the American West and a saga that will be treasured for generations.

Roscoe Brown. Barry plays the mumbling, fearful, but big-hearted, kind and loyal deputy of July Johnson (Chris Cooper). Badgered and browbeaten by Peach (Helena Humann), Roscoe must head to Texas to find Johnson to deliver some bad news about his wife. On his journey, he'll find a good companion in Janey (Nina Siemaszko), a young girl who escapes from her despicable "owner", and along the way will face a couple of goofy bandits.
Unlike other westerns and most of his characters, Barry used a very soft tone of voice to play Roscoe.

Barry's commentary: "LD was one of the high points of my professional career. When I first read the book, I called my agents and told them I had to be in it when (not if) they made the miniseries. I told them I'd play anything just to be a part of the show. Fortunately for me, Simon Wincer, Bill Witliffe, and Suzanne De Passe thought I was right for Roscoe."


ROSCOE : Them friends of Jake Spoon. They're two of the most famous Texas Rangers that ever lived. You know that?

ROSCOE : Ju--July's gone to Texas, Peach, he--he left six days ago!
PEACH : Well, surely you can find Texas, Roscoe.
ROSCOE : I can find Texas! But how do I find July?

PEACH : Now you see to it, you hear, or you'll be the one gets blamed.
ROSCOE : All right Peach, I don't know nothing else to do.

ROSCOE : Howdy! My name's Roscoe Brown. Is--is this Texas? I'm lookin' for a fella made a'rode past here. His name's July Johnson. He had a boy with him.

ROSCOE : [Singing] "Fare thee well, fare thee well, my fairy fay. For I'm goin'... to Luisiana, for to see my Susianna, singing Polly Wolly"...All right! I know somebody's out there in the brush. You just as well come on out and show yourself!

ROSCOE : Oh girl! I--I can't take you with me. I got to travel fast.
JANEY : You call this fast traveling? I've been following you six miles and didn't even do more than walk.

ROSCOE : A frog? I ain't never ate a frog.
JANEY : Their legs jump out of the pan when you cook them.
ROSCOE : No! [chuckles] I don't believe that! How can a dead frog jum out of a pan? He-he-he-he!

BANDIT : Well, we might have to smoke you. What do you think of that?
ROSCOE : M--my name's Roscoe Brown, I--I'm just going down this road. I ain't lookin' for no trouble.

ROSCOE : I--I'm from Arkansas...and...YES SIR!
BANDIT : Strip off them duds. You came into this world naked, I reckon you can go out the same way.

JULY : Roscoe! what in God's name you doing in Texas?
ROSCOE : I come for you July, it's a lucky thing I found you too!

ROSCOE : They--they's something else, July. Ellie's going to have a baby. Peach seen her with the morning sickness.

JULY : Ogallala...we'd better go find her I guess.
ROSCOE : What about Jake Spoon?
JULY : I can't worry about him no more! Ellie might be needing me.


ROSCOE : Where have you been, girl?... Where is Joe?...
BLUE DUCK : Was that his name?




Release Date
  • Sunday, February 5, 1989.
  • Western / Mini-Series.
  • Based on the novel by Larry McMurtry.
Directed By
  • Simon Wincer.

Executive Producers

  • Suzanne De Passe.
  • Bill Wittliff.

Produced By

  • Dyson Lovell.


  • Motown Productions.
  • Wittliff / Pangea.
  • RHI Entertainment, Inc.

Running Time

  • 6 Hours.

MPAA Rating

  • Not Rated.

Filming Locations

  • Angel Fire, Taos co. New Mexico.
  • Austin, Texas.
  • Brackettville, Texas.
  • Del Rio, Texas.
  • Santa Fe, Santa Fe co. New Mexico.


Main Cast

  • Robert Duvall as Captain Augustus "Gus" McRae.

  • Tommy Lee Jones as Captain Woodrow F. Call.

  • Danny Glover as Joshua Deets.

  • Diane Lane as Lorena Wood.

  • Robert Urich as Jake Spoon.

  • Frederic Forrest as Blue Duck.

  • Rick Schroeder as Newt Dobbs.

  • Anjelica Houston as Clara Allen.

  • D.B. Sweeney as Dish.

  • Chris Cooper as July Johnson.

  • Tim Scott as Pea Eye.

  • Glenne Headly as Elmira.

  • Barry Corbin as Roscoe Brown.

  • William Sanderson as Lippy.

  • Barry Tubb as Jasper.

DVD Special Features

  • Interview with Larry McMurtry.
  • Interview with Suzanne de Passe.
  • Fullscreen version.
  • 2.0 Dolby Surround.
  • Western Historical Trivia.
  • Western Historical Trivia Game.
  • Trailer.
  • Cast and Crew Information.
  • Production Notes.
  • Digitally Mastered.
  • Scene Access.
  • Interactive Menus.

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