Don Johnson ("Nash Bridges"), Virginia Madsen ("The Haunting") and Jennifer Connelly ("Dark City") heat up the screen in this torrid erotic thriller from the acclaimed director of "Easy Rider." Exploding in a series of suspenseful twists and passionate encounters, this "ingenious" (Los Angeles Daily News) film will keep you guessing until its final, shocking climax.
Harry Madox (Johnson) is a handsome drifter who is not above larceny to make ends meet. After staging a daring daylight robbery at a local bank, he receives an alibi from an unexpected ally: Dolly Harshaw (Madsen), a sexy and mysterious local woman who has her own plans for him. But when Harry falls for another beautiful woman (Connelly), he incurs Dolly's wrath and finds himself caught in a maze of jealousy, betrayal and murder in which escape is impossible...and danger is the ultimate aphrodisiac.


Sheriff. Barry appears in a cameo role in this erotic thriller directed by Dennis Hopper.
Barry's 'trademark' role as an authority figure lends credence to the film as he interrogates Harry Madox (Don Johnson), prime suspect in a bank robbery. Clues from his deputies and the testimony of a blind man, the Sheriff concludes Madox is the culprit. Failing to obtain a confession, he locks
Madox in jail. Like most 'oaters', the Sheriff accepts surprise testimony from the beautiful, wealthy and very influential Dolly Harshaw, (Virginia Madsen), who insists Madox is innocent.

Barry's body language and facial expression are classic as he takes the call from Mrs. Harshaw.


SHERIFF: Now, let's go back to that first day that you arrived in town. You went to the bank and there was a fire that day too, I believe, wasn't there?
MADOX: Yes, there was, now that I recall.
SHERIFF: And when you went in, there was nobody there at the bank, as far as you could see. They'd all gone to the fire.
MADOX: Yeah, that's right.
SHERIFF: And I believe you'd been told that the, uh, surveillance equipment had been installed improperly, hadn't you? But you never gave it another thought...until there was a robbery...and another fire.
MADOX: Only...I wasn't at the robbery. I was at the fire.
DEPUTY: Why don't you just go ahead and say it?
MADOX: What are you talking about?
SHERIFF: Your alibi. He's sittin' right there lookin' at you. Oh, he remembers you from the fire, remembers that big splash you made saving that drunk. Only...that was 20 minutes after the fire started. After the robbery.
DEPUTY: Nobody saw you at that fire...until after the bank was robbed.
SHERIFF: You know you robbed the bank. We know you robbed the bank. That makes it unanimous. (Laughs) You know you're never gonna be able to spend this money. We got all the numbers right here. You might just as well give the money back. It'll go a lot lighter on you. Well. Man won't listen to reason. Go ahead and lock him up. Then go home for a little while. Do all this over tomorrow.

UNCLE MORT: This is him.
SHERIFF: Are you sure?
UNCLE MORT: Sure sounds like him. He got kind of a bleep. Like a tea kettle.
SHERIFF: Okay, Uncle Mort. Thank you. All right. Get these other guys outta here. You stay. (Phone ringing) Hello. Uh-huh...uh-huh...No, no, no. That's fine. Okay...Yeah...Thank you for calling. Bye-bye. George Harshaw calling from Galveston. He says that, uh, Mr. Madox was definitely at the fire the whole time.
DEPUTY: Harshaw?
SHERIFF: Um-hmm.
DEPUTY: I don't remember seeing him there.
SHERIFF: No he wasn't. Mrs. Harshaw said that she drove up just as Mr. Madox was getting out of his car not five minutes after the fire started. (Chuckles) Mrs. Harshaw. I guess you're free to leave, Mr. Madox.

MADOX: The minute a guy like Sutton came in here and paid cash for a car I got suspicious. The more I thought about it, the less I liked it.
SHERIFF: The numbers match up all right. Lucky for me. And lucky for you.
MADOX: Lucky for me?
SHERIFF: Yes, sir. There's a reward connected to the solution of this particular crime. Not a bad one, either, by most folks' standards. $25,000. Mr. Madox.
MADOX: Sheriff.



Release Date
  • Theaters: Friday, October 12, 1990.
  • DVD: Tuesday, June 13, 2000.
  • Drama.
Directed By
  • Dennis Hopper.

Executive Producers

  • Bill Gavin.
  • Derek Power.
  • Stephen Ujlaki.

Produced By

  • Paul Lewis.


  • Orion Pictures Corporation.
  • Metro Goldwyn Mayer.

Running Time

  • 2 Hours 9 Minutes.


Main Cast

  • Don Johnson as Harry Madox.

  • Virginia Madsen as Dolly Harshaw.

  • Jennifer Connelly as Gloria Harper.

  • Charles Martin Smith as Lon Golick.

  • William Sadler as Frank Sutton.

  • Jerry Hardin as George Harshaw.

  • Barry Corbin as The Sheriff.

  • Leon Rippy as Deputy Tate.

  • Jack Nance as Julian Ward.

  • Virgil Frye as Deputy Buck.

  • John Hawker as Uncle Mort.

Filming Locations

  • Taylor, Texas.

  • Austin, Texas.

MPAA Rating

  • R.

DVD Special Features

  • Widescreen Format.
  • Dolby Digital Stereo Surround.
  • Spoken Languages: English, Spanish.
  • Captioned Subtitles: Spanish, French.
  • Scene Selections.
  • Theatrical Trailer.




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