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Michael Dawson (Jamie Foxx) is a winner. He is a sexy, smart and successful Chicago businessman on vacation with his beautiful fiance, Rae (Nia Long). But Michael's world is turned upside down when Rae dumps him in the desert - his car is jacked by a teenager; and worse, he is taken hostage in a stick-up at the local Sip & Zip. What should have been a romantic getaway, turns into a hilarious bungle after another.

Eli Pembry.
Barry plays the coach of a kids baseball team who also happens to be the Sheriff of North Butte County.
Pembry is called away in the middle of the championship game to solve a hostage situation taking place in a convenience store.
Pembry has no experience in dealing with this sort of situation and has to rely on the FBI Hostage Handbook, so the first thing he does is follow the first rule of "The Book", as he calls it: Order food and coffee! Pembry is very uptight yet has a good sense of humor; he will make sure everybody gets out safe and sound.


PEMBRY : HORACE! I got an emergency. You're gonna have to take over as coach.
HORACE : Okay...what do I do?
PEMBRY : (To the umpire) Take it easy on him.
PEMBRY : (Into bullhorn) You fellers hold on! Ain't no point in shooting up public property if it ain't necessary.
JACK : Public property my ass! I OWN THIS PLACE!
PEMBRY : (Into bullhorn) This is Sheriff Eli Pembry of North Butte County. We've got you surrounded, so you might as well give up before this thing gets out of hand!

PEMBRY : Ted, I need food and coffee, ASAP! I need the blueprints of this store and I need 'em yesterday. Dale, go down to the surplus store and see what they've got by way of tear gas. Bo, call the chief of police in Vegas. He's an old fishing buddy but tell him we need to borrow his SWAT team. And well, SOMEBODY FIND OUT WHO'S WINNING THE DAMN BALL GAME!
MIKE : You the sheriff? Oh, shit!
PEMBRY : You know, you're turning into one major pain in the ass for me, son.

MIKE : Oh, sheriff I got to get out of here, man. Look, my name is Mike Dawson, my girlfriend's name is Rae Swan and she was on her way to the airport...
PEMBRY : Wait a minute, Mike Dawson! Are you that boxer?
MIKE : No, no, no, that's Mike Tyson.
PEMBRY : Are you sure? You look something like him.
MIKE : Well since then I've lost a lot of weight and I'm a vegetarian. Come on man!
BEAUMONT : Well, what now sheriff?
PEMBRY : We wait.
 ALICE : You'd think that cutting the power would have a little more effect at night?
HOWARD : That's true!
MIKE is singing "Reasons" (Earth, Wind & Fire)
PEMBRY : (Into bullhorn) We are ready to listen to your demands! What do you want?
PEMBRY : What the hell did he say?
PEMBRY : (Reading the bus brochure) A delicious portion of mesquite-roasted longhorn steak smothered in a colorful vegetable medley, with baked potato or rice pilaf...(aside to Beaumont)...Oh, that sounds good!



Release Date
  • Theaters: Friday, May 12, 2000.
  • DVD & VHS : Tuesday, August 29, 2000.
  • DirecTV Pay Per View : Monday, November 6, 2000.
  • Comedy.
Directed By
  • Steve Rash.

Executive Producers

  • Mark Amin.
  • Kevin DeWalt.

Produced By

  • Neal H. Moritz.
  • Jonathon Komack Martin.
  • Stokely Chaffin.


  • Trimark Pictures.

On The Set Picture Gallery

(6 Pictures)


Main Cast

  • Jamie Foxx as Michael.

  • Nia Long as Rae.

  • Barry Corbin as Eli Pembry.

  • John Cullum as Jack.

  • Jake Busey as Beaumont.

  • Michael Shamus Wiles as The Biker.

  • Eduardo Yez as Rodrigo.

  • Sarah Paulson as Mary.

  • Diego Fuentes as Sal.

  • Roselyn Sanchez as Trina.

  • Julie Hagerty as Gloria.

Filming Locations

  • Saskatchewan, Canada.

Running Time

  • 1 Hour 29 Minutes.

MPAA Rating

  • PG.

DVD Special Features

  • Interview with Jamie Foxx.
  • English, Spanish and French Subtitles.
  • Widescreen.
  • 5.1 Dolby Digital.
  • Trailer.




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