In the town of Bishop Flats, located in New England, friends Kevin "Space" Lauglin and Henry "Hank" Ungalow learn that their friend Cassidy has been dumped by Lisa B. Lisa B. later turns up at the hardware store where Space and Ungalow work, telling them that Cassidy has taken off for Memphis. Now she wants him back. Cassidy's journey out into the United States makes the guys realize that they need to get out of Bishop Flats. Everything is always the same there, and they need to experience life more. Space still lives with his mother and has a girlfriend, Claire Connor, but wants more. They decide that a search for Cassidy would be the perfect opportunity to get out there in the world outside of Bishop Flats. So they load up Ungalow's red 1966 Buick Wildcat, and head out on the open road. Their final destination is California.

Episode 20 (Series Finale): "The West Texas Round-Up and Other Assorted Misdemeanors." Space is the prime suspect in the murder of a teen-age girl; Claire learns she is pregnant.

Sheriff George Mathers. Barry plays the role of Sheriff George Mathers in the town of Prescott Fork, Texas. A 44 year law enforcement veteran, Mathers, generally an even tempered man, is faced with questioning a suspect, Kevin Lauglin, for the brutal rape and murder of a popular 17 year old girl who's father was a close friend of Mathers. While Mathers' deputies are enraged, Mathers remains calm under pressure.

Barry lends a touch of humanity to the role when he allows his character's shell to crack for just a moment while recounting the life story of the victim.


LAUGLIN: I do know a thing or two about jurisprudence, sir. And I don't like the way I'm being treated. Alright, and what's more, I was not properly given my miranda.
MATHERS: You're not under arrest, son.
C.R.: Not yet.

MATHERS: Betty Leuders was just 17 years old. Her father was a good friend of mine. Worked the sugar refinery. Her mother collapsed. She was taken to the hospital not more than an hour ago. Betty...she used to get the lead roles in all the middle school musicals. I remember one time she played Maria in "The Sound of Music." Oh, she was wonderful. Then, when she got into high school she started running with the popular crowd and gave up the theater. My feeling is that our musicals have suffered since then. I've been in law enforcement for 44 years. You'd think you'd grow a shell. But that little girl...I'll tell you mister -- Mr. Lauglin, I'm--I'm just so sick with grief, that I can barely hold my head up to talk to you. You understand that?
LAUGLIN: Yes, sir.
MATHERS: So, what I want you to do is shed as much light on this as you can. I don't believe any of us here deep in our hearts feel that you're responsible but we do have to talk.
C.R.: There is the matter of the marijuana.
MATHERS: Mm-hmm. There is that matter, too. Would you like a glass of water, Mr. Lauglin?

MATHERS: The girls left Winthrop's at approximately 5:30. They went to a nearby store where they bought ice cream. Then they proceeded on to Canyon Road. That's where they split up. Betty Leuders went up to Canyon Road, through Mountain Park, across the bridge. That's where she met her attacker. She was pushed to the ground, raped repeatedly, for the better part of an hour, then strangled with the thick limb of a tree, pressed to her throat. The body was found by a couple of high school kids who went up there to neck.
LAUGLIN: What about Siggy?
C.R.: What about Siggy?
LAUGLIN: Did you question him?
C.R.: Of course.
LAUGLIN: What did he say? Oh, Siggy fingered us, didn't he?
C.R.: That's neither here, nor there.
LAUGLIN: You get Siggy finger us and since Siggy is a local and we're just passing through, you guys just drew your own conclusions.
MATHERS: Siggy...has an alibi.

MATHERS: Go on, Mr. Lauglin.
LAUGLIN: Go on with what?
MATHERS: Tell us what you think.
LAUGLIN: I think...I think Siggy is full of bullshit, is what I think.
LAUGLIN: Siggy. You know Siggy did it. He did it and then he blamed us.
MATHERS: Why would you say a thing like that?
LAUGLIN: Have you met Siggy, officer? The burnt-faced kid? He's probably never been with a girl, he's fucking horny, he's crazy. He's got a thing for Betty. I could tell he definitely had a thing for Betty.
C.R.: You know, that's funny 'cause that's his exact words about you.
LAUGLIN: Oh, well. That is funny. That's a damn yuck fest, officer. A laugh riot.
MATHERS: Please continue, Mr. Lauglin.
LAUGLIN: With what?

MATHERS: (Sigh) Very well, Mr. Lauglin. You may leave.
LAUGLIN: How's that?
MATHERS: You may go.
C.R.: Why are you kicking him loose, George?
MATHERS: Because we don't have any grounds to hold him. Fetch Siggy.




  • "The West Texas Round-Up and Other Assorted Misdemeanors" (Series Finale).
Original Air Date
  • Thursday, February 14, 2002.
  • TV Series. Drama.
Directed By
  • Gary Fleder.

Executive Producers

  • Scott Rosenberg.
  • Jeff Melvoin.
  • J. Geyer Kosinski.

Produced By

  • Josh Appelbaum.
  • André Nemec.
  • Paul Kurta.


Main Cast

  • Sam Trammell as Kevin "Space" Lauglin.

  • Brad Henke as Henry "Hank" Ungalow.

  • John Asher as "Insect" Bob.

  • Barry Corbin guest stars as Sheriff George Mathers.

Filming Locations

  • Austin, Texas.

Running Time

  • 60 Minutes.


  • TV-14. DL.


  • Showtime Networks, Inc.
  • Columbia Tristar Television Distribution.
  • Industry Entertainment.
  • Nitram Pictures.





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