Their Biggest Fans Were Their Worst Nightmare.

The town of Quimby Falls is devastated when their football team, The Buzzards, moves out of state. Seven years later one diehard fan (who happens to be the leader of the still functioning team marching band), Charlie Atwater (Edward Asner), decides to take matters into his own hands. He devises the devious plot to kidnap the Buzzards' owner (Barry Corbin). As the plan falls apart, Charlie and his hand move on to "Plan B", which involves snatching the Buzzards' star quarterback, Fly Walker (Mark Curry). It's a scheme so comical it's criminal.

Robert Blister. Barry plays a greedy tycoon, owner of the football team The Buzzards, who spends most of his time with beautiful women, in bathtubs and limos. Seven years after Blister moves the team out of state, he
has to deal with a mad diehard fan Charlie Atwater ("Elvis") (Edward Asner) who has kidnapped quarterback Fly Walker (Mike Curry). Blister sees a way to take advantage of the situation by letting Charlie do whatever he wants to Walker, but faces furious protests from the fans.


Mr. BLISTER : The sound you just heard, gentlemen, was the stake being driven into the heart of Quimby Falls. That town is now officially and irrevocably...dead. How sad.
CHAUNCEY : And your vote made the difference, Mr. Blister.

Mr. BLISTER : What if I...wait just a minute. (to the girl) What the hell is this, "Sea Quest" ? Go...dry off and get dressed. (to "Elvis") Now, where was I?...Oh, yeah...What if I refuse to comply?
CHAUNCEY : You look upset, sir. Can I get you anything?
Mr. BLISTER : You bet your ass. Crack me a bottle of Dom Perignon, bring my little scuba gal back in here. I just hit the jackpot.

"ELVIS" : Now get me that god damn contract!
Mr. BLISTER : Alright...(sob) you win...(sob) can have your team back...(sob). I swear it on my wife's head.

Mr. BLISTER : Finish what you started.
"ELVIS" : I...I...ain't.
Mr. BLISTER : Walker's worth more to me if he can't play than if he can. You say you're an assassin? Prove it! Crush his a potato chip.

Mr. BLISTER : Fly Walker is a pain in my ass!
EXECUTIVE : Mr. Blister, sir. We've run the projections. Uhm...Revenue is lost contingent upon a full scale boycott of this season's home games.
Mr. BLISTER : Gimme the number.
EXECUTIVE : Well, that's tickets, concession, bar table and our number one money maker: beer...

"ELVIS" : I want you to say "I'm sorry".
Mr. BLISTER : I've never apologized to anybody for anything!
"ELVIS" : Oh yeah? Hey everybody! You wanna know where Blister is?
Mr. BLISTER : Shhh-shhhh-shhh!. Alright! I-I-I...I'm s...I'm s...s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-s-...I'm...I'M SORRY!!!




Release Date
  • Released directly to DVD and VHS on
    Tuesday, December 7, 1999.
  • Comedy.
Directed By
  • Marc Lasky.

Executive Producers

  • Lynda Murray.

Produced By

  • Marc Lasky.


  • Spectrum Films / Pikesville Pictures.

MPAA Rating

  • PG-13.


Main Cast

  • Edward Asner as Charlie Atwater ("Elvis").

  • Gregory Sporleder as Johnny Delfino.

  • Austin Pendleton as Eugene Cleft.

  • Mark Curry as Fly Walker.

  • Barry Corbin as Robert Blister.

Filming Locations

  • Not available.

Running Time

  • 1 Hour 30 Minutes.

DVD Special Features

  • Picture Gallery.
  • Original Theatrical Trailer.
  • Interactive Menus.
  • Scene Access.

Picture Gallery Included
In The DVD Vesion




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