A Hero Is Measured By
The Enemies He Makes.

Rafe Covington is as good as his word, and he's determined to keep his promise to a dying man that he'll look after the man's widow and Wyoming ranch. But the widow doubts the integrity of drifter Covington. And an unscrupulous land grabber and his gunmen are sizing up the ranch the way a spider eyes a fly. Tom Selleck plays Covington in this stirring Western that reteams him with Simon Wincer, who directed Selleck in Quigley Down Under and also helmed the award-winning
Lonesome Dove. Star and filmmaker again score a bull's -eye, steeped in the cowboy way that source novelist Louis L'Amour knew better than anyone. Valor, grit, uprightness - the signposts of the heroic West mark the Crossfire Trail.

Sheriff Walter Moncrieff. Barry plays the sheriff and justice of the peace of a small town. A heavy drinker, Moncrieff still has to obey Bruce Barkow's (Mark Harmon) orders.
Even in the middle of a gunfight, Moncrieff cares more about his glass of whiskey!



MONCRIEFF: Sheriff Moncrieff, also Justice of the Peace. Both of which are in short supply in these parts.

MONCRIEFF: (Drains his glass) Obliged. I haven't heard Rodney's name spoken around here for some time.
COVINGTON: A sad end.
MONCRIEFF: Yeah. Well, those Sioux raiding parties frequent that Wind River Trail.
COVINGTON: Catch 'em?
MONCRIEFF: No, sir. Never even found poor Charlie's body.

MONCRIEFF: Howdy, Gill.
GILL: Hello, Walter.
COVINGTON: Sheriff, you're sittin' in my rocking chair.
MONCRIEFF: I thought that's what it is fer.

MONCRIEFF: I want to know your version of them shootin's.
COVINGTON: Self defense.
MONCRIEFF: That's it?
COVINGTON: Yes, sir.
MONCRIEFF: Well, there's folks around here that say it's different.

COVINGTON: Mr. Taggart, I'm sorry about your brother, but I gave him every chance to walk away.
LUKE: Are you going to arrest him or not?
MONCRIEFF: Not today, Luke!

BARKOW: Sheriff Moncrieff?
MONCRIEFF: There is a rather large outstanding balance on this, Mr. Covington.
BARKOW: Three days, Mr. Covington.

MONCRIEFF: What in the world?

MONCRIEFF: You-you gents, remove your hats. If anybody here objects to this union, let him speak now or forever hold his peace.

MONCRIEFF: (Clears his throat) Do you, Bruce Barkow, take Ann Rodney to be your lawfully wedded wife?
MONCRIEFF: Do you, Ann Rodney, take Bruce Barkow to be you lawfully wedded husband?

MONCRIEFF: By the power vested in me by the territorial authority of Wyoming, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.

MONCRIEFF: (To himself) Not my finest hour.



Release Date
  • Sunday, January 21, 2001.
  • Western.
  • Based upon the book by Louis L'Amour.
Directed By
  • Simon Wincer.

Executive Producers

  • Michael Brandman.
  • Tom Selleck.

Produced By

  • Thomas Kane.
  • Steven Brandman.


  • Brandman Productions, Inc.
  • TWS Productions II, Inc.
  • TNT Originals, Inc.

DVD Special Features

  • Interactive Menus.
  • Cast Profiles.
  • Scene Access.
  • Subtitles: English and François.


Main Cast

  • Tom Selleck as Rafe Covington.

  • Virginia Madsen as Ann Rodney.

  • Wilford Brimley as Gill.

  • David O'Hara as Rock Mullaney. 

  • Christian Kane as J.T. Langston.

  • Barry Corbin as Sheriff Walter Moncrieff.

  • William Sanderson as Pee Wee.

  • Brad Johnson as Bo Dorn.

  • Mark Harmon as Bruce Barkow.

Filming Locations

  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Running Time

  • 1 Hour, 36 Minutes.


  • TV-14.

Publicity Stills




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