None Tougher. None Faster.
None Deadlier.

 The Old West comes to life in this taut, searing, bloody tale of crime and vengeance starring Sam Elliott as Conagher and Katharine Ross as Edie.

 Any man is crazy to pull a gun on Conagher because he shoots once-and shoots to kill. Hired to guard cattle on a nearby ranch, he discovers his fellow ranch-hands are in league with a gang of rustlers.

When Conagher gets on their trail and is taken down by a bullet from behind, he doesn't just want revenge, he wants justice. And he'll kill to see justice done. Then, when the killing is over, maybe he'll find a place to call home and a woman like Edie waiting for him...if he survives.


Charlie McCloud. In yet another western, Barry plays Charlie McCloud, a friendly stagecoach driver who has befriended the widow Teale, (Katherine Ross). Mrs. Teale lives on a ranch in the middle of nowhere and Charlie has been delivering supplies to her since her husband mysteriously disappeared. It was also an opportunity for Charlie and his passengers to stop and get a good meal on the long drive and at the same time gave the widow a chance to earn a bit of money. Charlie loves Mrs. Teale's cookies and is worried about how the widow with two children to raise will end up when the coach line he drives for finishes building their new coach stop. With best intentions, Charlie will play matchmaker between his friend Conagher and the widow Teale.

Barry's commentary: Corbin's experience with horses came in handy while filming Conagher on location in Colorado. "I was driving a stagecoach with a team of six. There was one tense moment when I dropped one of the reins. You don't have time to be scared in a situation like that." He was able to keep the horses under control, preventing the runway. Filming Conagher with Sam Elliott and Katharine Ross was a treat for Corbin, who's sorry that "by the time I came to Hollywood, I missed all those great westerns."


MCCLOUD : What in Lord's name are you folks doing here?
MRS. TEALE: I'm Mrs. Jacob Teale, and this is Laban, and this is Ruthie.
MCCLOUD : Ma'am. Oh, this gent here is Beaver Sampson. He's riding shotgun against Indians. The gentleman getting down from the coach is Tom Wildy. He's the superintendent of the stage line. Lord help him. I'm Charlie McCloud. We're taking the first stage to Lamesa.

MCCLOUD : Would you pass that jelly, please?

MCCLOUD : You keep a close lookout for Indians, ma'am. They ain't been troublesome lately, but you never can tell when they'll might start up again. Never give them anything. They take that as a sign of fear. Make them trade.
MRS. TEALE: Thank you, Mr. McCloud. I will remember.
MCCLOUD : Oh, Mrs. Teale. If I ever see your man, I'll tell him you're all fair and well.
MRS. TEALE: Thank you kindly.

MCCLOUD : You've been holding out on us, Mrs. Teale. Them's the first cookies I've known you to make.
MRS. TEALE: I didn't know you liked them, Mr. McCloud. Sometimes I make fried cakes, too.
MCCLOUD : You do? Oh Lordy!

MCCLOUD : Oh! Howdy Mrs. Teale!
MRS. TEALE: Mr. McCloud.
MCCLOUD : They're kind of beat up, but here's some readin' for you!
MRS. TEALE: Thank you. No passengers today?
MCCLOUD : No, ma'am. Not today. Just Sampson and myself. You wouldn't happen to have any of those cookies, would you?
MRS. TEALE: You bet!

MRS. TEALE: Is something wrong?
MCCLOUD : Mrs. Teale, this ain't easy for me, and I'm sure it must be a lot harder for you, but something, be it Indians, or thieves, or nature, has taken your husband.
MRS. TEALE: We know that, Mr. McCloud. Is there something else?
MCCLOUD : Yes, ma'am. In a couple of weeks, Red Rock Station's going to be finished. We'll be stopping there instead of here.
MRS. TEALE: Stopping?
MCCLOUD : Yes, ma'am. I know you've been making something off us, but the time's almost to an end. How are you folks going to make it?
MRS. TEALE: Well, we'd hopped to have a herd by now.
MCCLOUD : Yes, ma'am. Mrs. Teale. You and those young ones would be a lot better off in town. You'd have a lot better chance of finding a good man there, too.
MRS. TEALE: The children and I are staying here. And if I marry again, Mr. McCloud it will be only for love.
MCCLOUD : Yes, ma'am. I've got to be going, Mrs. Teale. But I'll come by when I can to check on you.
MRS. TEALE: Thank you, Mr. McCloud. Thank you for everything. You've been a good friend. I won't forget you.
MCCLOUD : Yes, ma'am. Thank you.

MCCLOUD : Hey Conagher, I'll buy the drinks.
CONAGHER : You buy, I'll drink.
MCCLOUD : What are you up to, Conagher? You drifting again?
CONAGHER : I've got tumbleweed fever.
MCCLOUD : You, too? Ha, ha, ha, ha. Half the cowboys in the country are chasing tumbleweeds. Somebody found a note on one and started the whole thing.
CONAGHER : Note? What kind of note?
MCCLOUD : From some girl up north. I guess she's from up north. She's been writing notes with poetry and things in them, and tying them to tumbleweeds. Just goes to show you what happens if you're alone too long.
CONAGHER : How do you know she's alone?
MCCLOUD : Well, that's what the notes look like. Cowboys over east of here are taking bets whether or not she's tall and skinny, or short and fat, blond or brunette.

MCCLOUD : Hey Conagher. I heard you stopped over Mrs. Teale's. I thought you two was going to get together.
CONAGHER : What have I got to offer that woman?
MCCLOUD : Don't ask me. Let her tell you.



Release Date
  • Monday, July 1, 1991.
  • Western / Made For TV.
Directed By
  • Reynaldo Villalobos.

Executive Producers

  • Sam Elliot.

Produced By

  • John A. Kuri.


  • Turner Pictures Inc.

Running Time

  • 1 Hour 56 Minutes.



Main Cast

  • Sam Elliot as Conn Conagher.

  • Katharine Ross as Edie Teale.

  • Barry Corbin as Charlie McCloud.

Filming Locations

  • Buckskins Joe's Park and Railway /
    Roberts Cordova Ranch, Colorado.

FAB Rating

  • M (Mature).

On The Set




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