Barry Corbin in "Buffalo Altar"


Barry's first home in Lamesa, TX.     Baby Barry and his granddad, Mr. Leonard Corbin
House and farm of Barry's granddad, in Lamesa, TX.   Barry at his grandparent's house. Barry's the second kid from right to left.
Barry's second house in Lamesa, TX     Barry (age 6) goes to school, 1946.
South First, Lamesa, TX.
The grocery store in Lamesa, TX.     Lamesa Elementary School, Grade 3 (1949).
Barry's 5th from R., second row (age 9).
The Courthouse in Lamesa, TX.     L. to R.: Barry's father, Mr. Kilmer Corbin, sister Jane, Barry (age 15), and Brother Blaine, at Granddad Corbin's house in Lamesa, TX. (February 1955)
Barry's first home in Lubbock, TX.     Barry (age 19) in front of his second house in Lubbock, graduating from Monterey High School, 1959.
Barry (21), sister Jane (17), and brother Blaine (18), in Lamesa, TX, 1962.     Barry's parents, Mr. Kilmer and LaMerle Corbin.
Barry (age 35), father Kilmer, mother LaMerle, and nephew Blake. Barry in Lubbock visiting from New York (1975)     Barry and his father.
Barry in Lamesa, TX Sunday, October 20, 2002      


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