Respect The Badge!

Did you know that Barry has played 15 sheriffs in both TV and Film from 1979 to date? Barry first wore the badge and plaque as Sheriff Fenton Washburn in a "Dallas" episode called "Love And Marriage" (21-Dec-1979), and did 8 more episodes through 



Fenton Washburn Fenton Washburn Fenton Washburn Fenton Washburn Fenton Washburn

Fenton Washburn Bud Williams "Big John" Stone Fenton Washburn Fenton Washburn
Hart To Hart
Six Pack

Hack Ames Fenton Washburn Sheriff Harv Higginbotham Sheriff
Travis McGee
Secret Witness
Critters 2
The Hot Spot

C.D. LeBlanc Eli Pembry Walter Moncrieff Cotton Joe Webster
The Big Easy
Held Up
Crossfire Trail
Clover Bend
No One Can Hear You

George Mathers Breen Buster Watkins
Going To California
Molding Clay


The General Reprimands The Pianist

Did you know that Barry and Academy Award winner Adrien Brody worked together in a Sci-Fi movie called
"Solo" in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, during the summer of 1995?

Barry played
General Clyde Haynes, the commanding officer of a top secret project code named "Solo", a cyborg soldier, while Brody, who won last year's Academy Award for Best Actor for his harrowing performance in Roman Polanski's "The Pianist", played Bill Stewart, Solo's designer.

Visit Solo's webpage


Barry and Adrien Brody
in "Solo" (1996)

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Maurice's Wax Head

Did you know that Maurice Minnifield's wax head seen in "Northern Exposure" was sculpted by renown sculptor
Henry Alvarez of Alvarez Wax Models?

Maurice's wax head appeared in episode 5.3 "Jaws Of Life", originally aired October 4, 1993, when Maurice is chosen to be a wax figure at Madame Tussaud's, in London, for their rugged individualist's exhibit.

Barry on Maurice's statue: 
"To me, that wax figure looked like a corpse so I was very happy to see it put in the dump. Unfortunately, there were four of the things made and at least two survived. One of them stood in the doorway of the studio in Redmond, Washington from that episode until the last so I was forced to look at my dead self every morning before I had my coffee! Some demented soul bought that specimen at the auction Universal held to guarantee the show would not be resurrected! I hate to think what the purchaser has used or is using that macabre item for!"


Visit Alvarez Wax Models' website


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Upside Down

Did you know that Barry used to stand on his head until he was 40, but then, 15 years later, in 1995, he did it again during an interview for the TV Show "Good Morning Texas" just to show how fit he was?

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Barry and Haldir, the Elf

Did you know that Barry and Craig Parker, the actor who played Haldir, Captain of the Elves of Lothlorien in "The Lord Of The Rings" trilogy, worked together in "No One Can Hear You" in New Zealand during the summer of 2000?

Harv Higginbotham

Did you know that Barry is only credited as "Harv" in "Critters 2: The Main Course", while the plaque on his shirt reads "Higginbotham"?


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