January 2005
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Barry stars as Whitey Durham in The WB's "One Tree Hill" - Tuesdays 9 / 8 c (Season Two)

TV-Series. Drama. 60 minutes. TV-PG. Stereo. Closed Captioned.
Broadcast in High Definition (where available)


Barry as Whitey Durham

(Visit White Durham's Website)

Barry stars as Maurice Minnifield in "Northern Exposure" - Tue-Sat 1:00 AM / 12:00 AM c, on Hallmark

TV-Series. Drama / Comedy. 60 minutes. TV-PG. Stereo. Closed Captioned.

Starring Rob Morrow as Dr. Joel Fleischman, Barry Corbin as Maurice Minnifield, Janine Turner as Maggie O'Connell, John Cullum as Holling Vincoeur, Darren E. Burrows as Ed Chigliak, Cynthia Geary as Shelly Tambo, and John Corbett as Chris Stevens.

Tue, Jan 11, Episode 5.20: A Wing And A Prayer
Wed, Jan 12, Episode 5.21: I Feel The Earth Move.
Thu, Jan 13, Episode 5.22: Grand Prix.
Fri, Jan 14, Episode 5.23: Blood Ties.
Sat, Jan 15, Episode 5.24: Lovers And Madmen.
Tue, Jan 18, Episode 6.1: Dinner At 7:30.
Wed, Jan 19, Episode 6.2: Eye Of The Beholder
Thu, Jan 20, Episode 6.3: Shofar, So Good.
Fri, Jan 21, Episode 6.4: The Letter.
Sat, Jan 22, Episode 6.5: The Robe
Tue, Jan 25, Episode 6.6: Zarya
Wed, Jan 26, Episode 6.7: Full Upright Position
Thu, Jan 27, Episode 6.8: Up River
Fri, Jan 28, Episode 6.9: Sons Of The Tundra.
Sat, Jan 29, Episode 6.10: Realpolitik.


Barry as Maurice Minnifield

(Visit Maurice Minnifield's Website)

Any Which Way You Can (1980)

Feature Film. Comedy. 130 minutes. Rated PG. Adult language, violence. (CC)

Directed by Buddy Van Horn and starring Clint Eastwood, Sondra Locke, Geoffrey Lewis Ruth Gordon, William Smith, Harry Guardino, Michael Cavanaugh, Barry Corbin as Zack, Roy Jenson, Bill McKinney.

Plot: Bare-knuckle fighting sensation Philo Beddoe signs up for one last, lucrative match before settling down.

Sun Jan 2, 08:00 AM on HBO Family
Tue Jan 11, 12:45 AM on HBO Family
Tue Jan 18, 08:00 AM on HBO Family
Wed Jan 26, 11:05 AM on HBO Family
Wed Jan 26, 10:40 PM on HBO Family
Mon Jan 31, 12:30 AM on HBO Family

Click to visit the "Any Which Way You Can" page on Barry's website for sound clips, collages, etc.

Career Opportunities (1991)

Feature Film. Comedy. 90 minutes. Rated PG-13. Strong language, adult themes. Stereo, SS.

Directed by Directed by Bryan Gordon and starring Frank Whaley, Jennifer Connelly, Dermot Mulroney, John M. Jackson, Barry Corbin as Officer Don, and John Candy.

Plot: Two would-be burglars tangle with a night-shift janitor and a comely shoplifter in a supposedly empty department store.

Sat Jan 15, 01:35 PM on Cinemax
Tue Jan 25, 09:30 AM on Cinemax

A Death In California (1985)

Mini-Series. Fact-Based. 215 minutes. (CC)

Directed by Delbert Mann, and starring Cheryl Ladd, Sam Elliott, Alexis Smith, Fritz Weaver, Barry Corbin as District Attorney James Heusdens, and Kerrie Keane.

Plot: Based on the story of a socialite who developed a relationship with the man who raped her and killed her boyfriend.

Sun Jan 9, 03:25 PM on Lifetime Movie Network
Mon Jan 10, 04:45 AM on Lifetime Movie Network

Hope Ranch (2002)

Made for TV. Drama. 120 minutes. (CC)

Directed by Rex Piano and starring Bruce Boxleitner, Lorenzo Lamas, Laura Johnson, Gail O'Grady, Barry Corbin as Shorty Jeffers, and Brian Gross.

Plot: A rancher gives troubled youths a renewed sense of pride and responsibility by teaching them to be cowboys.

Sun Jan 9, 05:00 AM on Animal Planet

Click to visit the "Hope Ranch" picture gallery on Barry's website.

The Hot Spot (1990)

Feature Film. Thriller. 145 minutes. Rated R. Adult language, adult situations, nudity, violence. SS. 

Directed by Dennis Hopper and starring Don Johnson, Virginia Madsen, Jennifer Connelly, Charles Martin Smith, William Sadler, Jerry Hardin, Barry Corbin as Sheriff, Leon Rippy, Jack Nance

Plot: A charismatic drifter's plot to rob a Texas bank is complicated when he becomes romantically involved with two women.

Fri Jan 14, 12:55 AM on Showtime Extreme
Sat Jan 15, 10:00 PM on Showtime Showcase
Tue Jan 25, 01:15 AM on Showtime #2
Wed Jan 26, 09:00 PM on Showtime Extreme
Mon Jan 31, 01:15 AM on Showtime Showcase

Click to visit the "The Hot Spot" page on Barry's website.

Judgment Day: The Ellie Nesler Story (1999)

Made for TV. Fact-based/Drama. 120 minutes. (CC)

Directed by Stephen Tolkin and starring Christine Lahti, Robert Bockstael, Andrew Ducote, Mary Kay Place, Barry Corbin as Attorney Tony Serra, Lillian Cummings.

Plot: A woman is put on trial for murder after she shoots the man who sexually molested her son at summer camp.

Wed Jan 26, 10:30 PM on Lifetime Movie Network
Thu Jan 27, 10:05 AM on Lifetime Movie Network

Click to visit the "Judgment Day: The Ellie Nesler Story" picture gallery on Barry's website.

My Son Is Innocent (1996)

Made for TV. Drama/Fact Based. 105 minutes. (CC)

Directed by Larry Elikann and starring Marilu Henner, Nick Stahl, Matt McCoy, Barry Corbin as attorney Dan Pendletton, John O'Hurley, James Sloyan.

Plot: A mother launches a costly battle to prove that her teenage son is not guilty of rape and attempted murder charges.

Sat Jan 1, 11:00 AM on Court TV

Nothing in Common (1986)

Feature film. Comedy/Drama. 120 minutes.

Directed by Garry Marshall and starring Jackie Gleason, Tom Hanks, Eva Marie Saint, Bess Armstrong, Hector Elizondo, Barry Corbin as Andrew Woolridge, Sela Ward, John Kapelos, Tracy Reiner, Dan Castellaneta.

Plot: An ad executive must re-evaluate his relationship with his parents when they separate after 36 years of marriage.

Fri Jan 7, 10:00 AM on HBO Signature
Wed Jan 11, 02:55 AM on HBO Signature
Thu Jan 27, 02:30 PM on HBO Signature

Click to visit the "Nothing In Common" page on Barry's website.

Short Time (1990)

Feature film. Comedy/Drama. 120 minutes.

Directed by Gregg Champion and starring Dabney Coleman, Matt Frewer, Teri Garr, Barry Corbin as Captain Harding, Joe Pantoliano, Xander Berkeley ,

Plot: A policeman misdiagnosed as terminally ill tries to get killed in the line of duty so his family can collect insurance.

Mon Jan 3, 09:01 PM on Fox Movie Channel

Stir Crazy (1980)

Feature Film. Comedy. 110 minutes. Rated R. Adult Language, Violence. (CC)

Directed by Sidney Poitier and starring Richard Pryor, Gene Wilder, JoBeth Williams Craig T. Nelson, Georg Stanford Brown, Barry Corbin as Warden Walter Beatty, Miguel Suarez, Nicolas Coster, Jonathan Banks, and Lee Purcell.

Plot: Two unlucky New Yorkers sentenced to life in prison for a robbery they didn't commit plot their escape.

Fri Jan 14, 05:00 PM on TMC Movie Channel
Sat Jan 22, 09:30 PM on TMC Movie Channel

Click to visit the "Stir Crazy" page on Barry's website.
Download a video clip from one Barry's scene in "Stir Crazy" (Quicktime Format | 1:06 | 2,247 Kb)

Who's Harry Crumb? (1989)

Feature Film. Comedy. 90 minutes. Rated PG-13. Adult language, adult situations. (CC), SS, In Stereo.

Directed by Paul Flaherty and starring John Candy, Jeffrey Jones, Annie Potts,
Barry Corbin as P.J. Downing, Tim Thomerson, Shawnee Smith, James Belushi, Valri Bromfield, Joe Flaherty, Stephen Young.

Plot: A bungling but good-natured detective uses bizarre disguises in his search for a millionaire's kidnapped daughter.

Tue Jan 18, 07:00 AM on Comedy Central

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Click to visit the "Who's Harry Crumb?" picture gallery on Barry's site.




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