1.3 Are You True?

Whitey Durham

Original Air Date: October 7, 2003.

Frustrated by Lucas' (Chad Michael Murray) growing popularity at school, Nathan (James Lafferty) searches for Lucas' weak spot, and finds it in Haley (Bethany Joy Lenz). Meanwhile, Peyton (Hilarie Burton) is furious with Lucas for submitting her drawings to the local newspaper without her knowledge.

hitey's strategy leads the Ravens to another win with only 5 seconds left. In the parking lot, Whitey interrupts Lucas's fun with Brooke and congratulates him on the game, but reminds him to stay humble. Whitey decides to tinker with the offense, so he moves Nathan to small forward. Nathan doesn't like the decision at all, but Whitey makes it clear who's in charge of the Ravens. During practice, Whitey gets so angry at his second team for not passing the ball to Lucas that he threatens them with suspension for the rest of the season. For the first time ever, Whitey emcees Tree Hill's symbolic ceremony of the "burning boat."

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Whitey: Time out! We're running black for Nathan. If they double you, fight through them and take your shot when you have 5 seconds left. Let's go.

Whitey: That game wasn't horrible.
Lucas: Thanks, coach.
Whitey: Well, don't turn pro yet. You drag your scrawny butt to the weight room twice a day...starting now.
Lucas: You got it.
Whitey: Oh, um...by the way, there's a half-naked girl in the back seat of your car. I just thought you'd like to know.

Whitey: I was just getting used to low-waist jeans. Let's go, ball boy!

Whitey: NATHAN! I'm tinkering with the offense. You'll be playing more small forward.
Nathan: Forget it. I'm the shooting guard.
Whitey: That's funny. I thought I was the coach. As a matter of fact you can call me that, and I'll call you "small forward". "Nathan Scott: Small forward". Has a nice ring to it.

Whitey: (Whistle blows) HERE! SECOND TEAM!
Smith: But he stole the ball from his own team!
Whitey: BUT NOTHING! That guy has hit seven in a row and you won't pass him the ball!
(To Lucas) AND YOU! This is a team game. If you guys don't get your heads OUT OF YOUR ASSES, I might be forced to suspend my second team this season. GO HOME!

Whitey: Good evening! Usually the master of ceremonies at this deal is Red Legner, but, uh, well...Red died. So, what are you going to do? Now, every year we have a burning boat, and every year people find things to toss into it. I guess if everything was perfect, we wouldn't be human...[Continues indistinct]

Whitey: I guess it's not every day that we get a shot at starting over and putting our feet on the right path. That said, I guess we better get to the rat killing.

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