Whitey Durham

Original Air Date: September 23, 2003.

Aside from a love for hoops, it would seem that Lucas are two young men with little in common, but they are bound by the dark secret that they share the same father. Nathan is the star of the high school basketball team and local town hero while Lucas is the only child of a single working mom. Now the two boys' lives collide when a twist of fate puts Lucas on Nathan's team and the half-brothers compete, not only for control of the court, but also for the heart of Nathan's beautiful girlfriend Peyton.

hitey benches Nathan for disobeying him while The Ravens are still up by 9 in the game, but then on the verge of losing, he sends him back to the court and they win. The coach is confronted by Dan for not doing anything for the players who were suspended for the rest of the season after partying too much the night before. Keith tells Whitey about Lucas' talents for basketball and convinces him to give the boy a chance on the team. Whitey is turned down by Lucas after inviting him to join The Ravens.

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Whitey: You guys are stinking up the place! Time-out! Time-Out! Get in here, Ravens!

Whitey: Come on, hustle, hustle, hustle! Just what in the hell is going on out there?
Nathan: Whitey, relax. We're up by 9.
Whitey: Tim...go in for Nathan. All right, let's get out there and act like we've played the game before.

Whitey: What have I told you about that? I don't care if we're up by 5 or 50, I'm still the coach, it's still my team.
Nathan: Whatever you need to believe.

Dan: So you just walk away.
Whitey: Well, well. Dan Scott.
Dan: Half the team suspended, Nathan tripled-teamed the rest of the season, and you say nothing.
Whitey: The inmates will not run the asylum.
Dan: You're despicable, you know that? Letting the dreams of this team just vanish. You're full of crap.
Whitey: It comes with old age, Danny: Constipation.

Whitey: Well, well. Keith Scott, what do you know?
Keith: How you doing, Whitey?
Whitey: Take a load off.
Keith: You, huh, you got a second?
Whitey: Oh, I got a lot of seconds. Or haven't you heard?
Keith: Oh, yeah. I heard.
Whitey: Just a little. Oh, a little more. That's good. That's good. I saw your little brother today -- Danny. He called me "despicable". Said I crush the dreams of young men.
Keith: Was he talking about himself or Nathan, do you think?
Whitey: Both, I suppose. Hey, what did you average when you played for me?
Keith: Oh, about 5,006 beers a night.
Whitey: (Laughs) Well, at least you were consistent!
Keith: Yeah, you gotta give me that. Hey, you know, uh...Lucas plays.
Whitey: Lucas? Oh. Oh, Dan's other son.
Keith: Well, Karen's son. Dan's on the birth certificate but they never got married.
Whitey: Where does he play?
Keith: Uh...this park down by the river.
Whitey: Oh, come on, Keith. If the kid had any promise he'd be in the gym with the real players.
Keith: Like Nathan, you mean? Come on, coach. Just take a little drive with me.

Keith: You see? That's what I'm talking about.
Whitey: All right, let's say I'm interested, and I'm not saying I am. Why put him through that?
Keith: Because he should know that he's good -- not just playground good, but good, period. He could use that in his life.
Whitey: We could use that in our lives.
Keith: Yeah. But we had our chance.
Whitey: So, you and Karen -- are you, uh...
Keith: Friends, um, you know, I'm the kid's uncle and I'm in their lives. It is what it is.
Whitey: I remember when Dan told me Karen was pregnant right after their senior year in high school. I told him he should honor his scholarship and go to college.
Keith: I'll tell you one thing -- you did Karen a favor. And Lucas, too. Now maybe you can do me one.

Whitey: Scott.
Nathan: What's up, coach?
Whitey: Not you. You. You, read a book or something.

Whitey: Nice, isn't it? A lot of people like their gyms loud. I like mine like this -- quiet, clean...Kind of like a church. A lot of praying done here anyway. You played ball in grade school. Why'd you quit?
Lucas: I didn't.
Whitey: What, four guys in the park? That's not exactly basketball.
Lucas: Then what do you think we're doing out there?
Whitey: I don't know. Planning a bank job? Look, I've got an opening in my lineup, varsity. Chance of a lifetime. What do you say?
Lucas: I say those people that pray here are wasting their time. God doesn't watch sports.

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