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  Year   Length   Size  

"...We've got land, we've got wildlife. Just waiting to be fondled. And now,, we've got you..."

  1990   1:20   2,700 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

"...We do know one thing: He's not wearing a wedding ring."

  1991   0:54   1,846 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

"...Some SCUM-SUCKING, CHICKEN-DUNG, SNEAK-THIEF, just made the worst mistake of his life!..."

  1991   1:06   2,261 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

"...That's more than just a body in that freezer, son. That is the future."

  1991   0:48   1,657 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

"...This is a fine final to my memoirs. I reach outer space and I can't even hold my Peter to take a proper pee!"

  1992   0:27   931 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

"...I just want you to know that I'm sorry, Malcolm. I'm truly sorry."

  1993   0:53   1,820 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

"...Knock down that cowlick. You look like alfalfa..."

  1993   0:45   1,541 Kb.  
  Year   Length   Size  

Maurice's high dive scene.

  1993   1:38   3,345 Kb.  
    Year   Length   Size  

"...Well, it won't be too long until they have you on display. People looking at you all day...Judging you...judging me..."

  1993   1:50   3,740 Kb.  






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Background clip: Barry Corbin as Maurice Minnifield in "Northern Exposure," episode 1.3 "Soapy Sanderson."

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