1.1 Pilot  

"A few curtains, a couple of heads on the wall, you're in business!..."
"...and I intend to hold you within the bounds of the law..."
"...As far as I'm concerned, Fleischman, that's my money."
"...Is that what it's like, Holling? Being in love?"
  1.2 Brains, Know-How and Native Intelligence  

"...This is Cicely, Alaska, NOT SAN FRANCISCO."
"...KBHR is MY radio station..."
"...there's damn a few of us who have the right stuff to be called heroes..."
"Who the hell was that last one?"

  1.3 Soapy Sanderson  


"What? What do you think we are, lip-readers?"
"Whatever the hell he was, this gathering is adjourned."
"People like Soapy Sanderson, who gave the whole world the idea that Alaska is full of illiterate rednecks, living in shacks, MAKE MY BUTT TIRED!"
"...'I'm the only hell my mamma ever raised'? Chris, you play this crap..."
  1.4 Dreams, Schemes, and Putting Greens  

"...and you never, ever mention Pearl Harbor..."
"...you got the resiliency of ants. 45 years ago we bombed you into a pulp..."
"...how can they kick you in the jewels..."
"...You're forging a bond with these ninjas..."
"...I'm so much...better than he is and you've got to admit that!"
Maurice singing at Shelly and Holling's wedding.

  1.5 Russian Flu  

"I don't like a sick town..."
"Yeah, we know that that Glasnost is just a big crock, anyway"
"...I had the pick of the litter of all the best medical schools in America, and I grabbed your 'boychek' here..."

  1.6 Sex, Lies and Ed's Tapes  

"Make my day."
"...I've allowed you to come up here and use my Macintosh to work on that film script you keep talking about..."
"...then you got yourself a movie!"
"Holling? Who's the kid? Why is he smearing ketchup all over Shelly's ass?"
"Drop her."
"Me and him...we're pals."

  1.7 A Kodiak Moment  

"What I need is an heir. Somebody who will carry the Minnifield name."
"I got a problem, Chris. I need a son, son."
"...But I've got something those guys didn't have. I've got a son."
"...Step up to the ball, whack it, and see if it doesn't make your blood feel a little bluer."
"...I've decided to live forever."

  1.8 Aurora Borealis  

"...What the hell is this?"
"I know what the Aurora Borealis is, Chris, I've seen it up close and personal."
" If you want to call this art, you've got the benefit of all my doubts."
"I woulda called it 'Rust and Rim."







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