arry Corbin has received numerous accolades throughout his prolific career. Aside from the obvious ones for his acting talent, Corbin has also been honored for his humanitarian deeds and his efforts on behalf of the Western Lifestyle.

A regular fixture in cattle round-ups and rodeos for Charity, Barry has also accumulated many trophies.


In 1985, Barry Corbin was inducted into The Walk of Fame
in Lubbock, Texas.

Walk of Fame bronze plaques honor people from the West Texas area who have made significant contributions in the field of music and entertainment such as Buddy Holly, Waylon Jennings, Tanya Tucker, Mac Davis, Jimmy Dean, G.W. Bailey and Roy Orbison.


On Saturday, March 21, 1992, Barry Corbin was honored with the Western Heritage Wrangler Award at the National Cowboy Hall Of Fame in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, for his role of Charlie McCloud in Louis L'Amour's "Conagher."

Barry's daughter Shannon said: "I think this means more to him
than an Oscar would."

Listen to:

Barry's acceptance speech at the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

Barry's acceptance speech at the Cowboy Hall of Fame.

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For "Outstanding Contribution to Quality Family Entertainment In the Cody Tradition."

On Thursday, 15 April 1993, Barry was nominated for an Emmy in the category of Best Supporting Actor for his interpretation of proud former astronaut,
Maurice Minnifield, in the series "Northern Exposure."

Listen to:

Barry's commentary about his feelings on being amongst the nominees.

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Interview by E! Entertaiment Television:

Inaugural Awards 1994. Barry Corbin was nominated for Outstanding Performance
by an Ensemble Comedy Television Series
Northern Exposure.

Presented by The Christa McAuliffe Planetarium Foundation on
Saturday, July 8, 1995 in Concorde, New Hampshire.
The science education award honors a public figure who exemplifies, both personally and professionally, the potential within all human beings.
Coordinator Alice King said she asks celebrities who have some aerospace-connection, but also whose intellect and heart are "bigger than their ego" and people who had to "reach for the stars" in their careers. 

The Will Rogers Memorial Commission, and the Will Rogers Heritage, Inc.
Claremore and Oologah, Oklahoma, declared November 1995, as "Barry Corbin Day"
at the Dog Iron Ranch and Will Rogers Memorial.

Conferred by Marc H. Morial, Mayor of New Orleans,
for Outstanding Service.
Sunday, December 8, 1996. 

Presented by The Gold Camp Film Festival in historic Cripple Creek, Colorado.
Barry Corbin was honored at a gala dinner on Saturday, October 2, 1999.

Presented by The Cripple Creek Film Festival in Cripple Creek, Colorado.

This is the first Cutting Championship Barry ever won.
Since then, Barry has won several trophies like this at NCHA's charity events.

Nominated by the Governor of Nebraska in the City of Lincoln,
on Saturday, June 20, 1992.

Nominated by John T. Montford, Governor of Texas, in the City of Austin, on Saturday, April 24, 1993.

Presented by the Dallas Department of Veterans Affairs, on
Friday, February 15, 1995.

Presented by the Irving Police Department on Thursday, April 11, 1996.
1st. Annual Irving Police Awards Banquet.

Presented by the Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars,
on Tuesday, August 20, 1996.
83rd National Convention, Louisville, Kentucky.

From the Men and Women of Air Force Space Command. Space and Missile Competition.

The Wolf's "Hunt For a Cure" $926,541. Friday, February 4, 2000.

Celebrity Competitor and Keynote Guest. Saturday, May 26, 2001.

Presented by Brandon Carrell Society.





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