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1994. Audio Renaissance Tapes.
Written By Max Brand.

Read By Barry Corbin.

Some men find the threat of imminent death a mighty powerful motivator to make the best use of the rest of their days. When cowpuncher Barry Home becomes convinced that he has only days, perhaps hours to live, he quits his job and decides he'll have a little fun before he goes. He mends a few fences, rights some old wrongs, and he buys a cheap, gaudy knife - one that he figures will look good on him when he's dressed up for his own funeral. But with that innocent purchase, he suddenly finds himself caught in the middle of a deadly plot - where every breath he breathes might well be his last.


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Barry Corbin is a Max Brand hero incarnate. His reading is so easy to listen to you don't want these short stories to end.
Craven outlaws, bloodthirsty bandits and, of course, beautiful women are all portrayed equally well in
Corbin's resonant voice. Character accents and genders are easily identified."
- S.C.A. AudioFile Magazine, March 1996.

"Listeners who enjoy the nearly lost art of storytelling will treasure this collection of Max Brand stories written in the 1930's. Perhaps a generation of new listeners, especially young adults, will also get to know these classics.
Barry Corbin is the perfect reader for the material. He has a tough gravelly voice, and his delivery and pacing lure the listener into the atmosphere of the turn-of-the-century West of bloodthirsty bandits, brave cowboys and beautiful women."
- B.V. AudioFile Magazine, March 1996.

Category: Western.
Running Time: 90 Minutes. Dolby Stereo.





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