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1995. Turner Audio
Written by Alan Shepard and Deke Slayton.

Read by Barry Corbin.

The Inside Story Of America's Race to the Moon.
"Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed."

July 20, 1969. Eight short year after President John F. Kennedy promised America that the newly formed NASA would land a man on the moon, the crew of Apollo touched down on the Sea of Tranquility in triumph and transmitted this terse message live from the surface of the Moon. Three months on The New York Times bestseller list, "Moon Shot" is the never-before-told story of the courage, dedication, and teamwork that made that journey to the moon possible. Astronauts Alan Shepard and Deke Slayton, members of the original Mercury Seven team, were part of America's pioneering space program from the beginning and were perfectly placed to tell this inside story

Here are the successes-the first orbital flight, the first spacewalk, the first moon landing. Here, too, is the Apollo 1 disaster, when three astronauts met a fiery death at Cape Canaveral; the split-second decision to land Apollo 11 on the moon with only seconds of fuel remaining; and the epic adventure of the crew of the crippled Apollo 13, two-hundred thousand miles from home.

Filled with fascinating details, Moon Shot reflects the risks, the excitement, and the accomplishments of the men who traveled faster and farther than any humans before them - and returned safely to tell their extraordinary tale.

Actor Barry Corbin plays Maurice Minnifield (a former Astronaut) on
 the hit television series
"Northern Exposure" and narrated the
 acclaimed TBS documentary
"Moon Shot."

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"...They were members of the world's most elite fraternities: Astronauts..."   377 Kb   71 Kb.   0:24
"...Idolized and hailed as heroes, they were called "The Mercury Seven..."   549 Kb.   103 Kb.   0:35

"A first hand, white-knuckle, behind the scenes account of the race to the moon by America's coolest astronaut and colleagues. It's rich in unfamiliar anecdotes, funny, and surprisingly moving."
- Carl Sagan

- Washington Post

"A must insight into the wonders of space flight, yes. But more important, readers come to know Alan Shepard and Deke Slayton, and come to respect their courage and feel genuine affection for these two American heroes."
- President George Bush

- Entertainment Weekly

"A damn fine book! Even those of us who thought we were thoroughly covering the story never heard all the tales to be found between these covers."
- Walter Cronkite

- The New York Times Book Review

Category: American History/Biography.
4 Cassettes. Running Time: 6 hours. Dolby Stereo.





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